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5 Ways to Convert Your Friends Who Don’t Read Books


We all have that one friend who doesn’t read books. Madness, is what it is. It starts off as one of their bad habits that quickly becomes stubborn refusal when people say to them “what do you mean you don’t read books?” The judgement is real, so instead of succumbing to the shame, these non-readers wear their bookless status as a badge of honour. A badge that states: “I don’t read books and I couldn’t be prouder.” Because the only other alternative is to admit they are wrong and books are awesome.

Let’s say you’re serious about trying to get your friend to start reading books. In the same way you’d try to stop your friend drunk texting their ex: you’re desperate to get through to them but you know they’ll probably ignore you and do it anyway. Want them to finally admit defeat and start reading books? Here are the tools you’ll need to get the people in your life who don’t read books to change their tune:


Get Them Reading Books of Movies They Like

If they can’t deny they loved the movie, they can’t prove they’d hate the book. Start them off with something they’re bound to enjoy and it’ll be harder for them to resist. They might not be into the act of reading but if they can connect with the genre, the writing or the characters, you might just make reading stick. Whether it’s “The Fault In Our Stars” or “Harry Potter”, this is the way to get your foot in the door and jump-start your friend’s future reading addiction.



There’s no shame in it, this is reading we’re talking about. Now, if you’re going to do this right, forget the half-hearted puppy-dog eyes and “pweeeease” rubbish. Get down on those knees and wail at the top of your lungs like a wounded critter. If they don’t give in to your desperate pleas they will at least agree to read something to make you stop embarrassing them. Pro tip: this is best done in a really public place, preferably surrounded by people they’re trying to impress. Like their girlfriend’s parents.


Ask Them To Read Things You’ve Written

This one is perfect if you happen to be a bookworm and a writer. Writers are always looking for people to read their work and friends are the best candidates. If your non-reading friends know how much your writing means to you, it’ll be easy to persuade them to read it. Being the fantastic reader-writer that you are, your writing is sure to hook your non-reader friends into a permanent reading habit. Beware though, you might need to crank out the bestsellers to keep them happy!


Don’t Read With Them

While it’s tempting to look over their shoulder and witness your friend’s mind being blown – don’t. It’s impossible to sit down and enjoy a book while someone stares at you, whispering “Have you got to the dragon bit, yet?” It puts pressure on them, and do you know what reading plus pressure is? School. That’s the last thing you want them associating with reading.


Get Them Drunk First

Sure, booze causes more problems than it solves but you only need to get them drunk one time to get them addicted. Ply your non-reading friend with peach schnapps and a little Captain Morgan and they will be slurring “I luv you soooooo much” before 10pm. In that sweet spot between drunken euphoria and falling asleep on the toilet, slide them a novel with a nice, exciting cover and watch them dive in. If they’re one of those excitable drunks that doesn’t sit still, don’t worry! Read aloud to them and they will drift off to sleep to pure audible chocolate. By the morning they’ll be ravenous for their next fix.


Remember, there is no such as a non-reader, just a reader who hasn’t felt the book buzz yet. So take up your weapons, be they booze, tears or the best manuscript not yet published and convert yourself some bookworms. We will turn these people who don’t read into the world’s most avid readers!

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