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The Secret Library Book Review: Darkblade Assassin by Andy Peloquin

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The best assassin in the world doesn’t come cheap. Betraying him will cost your soul.

The Hunter is a name feared by all in Voramis. He is an outcast driven by a cursed dagger with an unquenchable thirst for blood and death.

Yet he follows one simple code: kill those who truly deserve to die. His creed is put to the test when, deceived by a shadowy employer, he unknowingly slaughters an innocent man.

With the most powerful criminal organization in the city after his head, the Hunter must fight for his life and find a way to atone for his mistake. When his enemies harm the people under his protection, it will take much more than an army of criminals to stand in the way of his revenge.”


Review – Five Stars!

A legendary assassin holds the ultimate cursed weapon in his hand, and a collection of faces to wear. The Hunter of Voramis remembers little of his past but believes he knows what to expect of his future: assassinating for the wealthy of Voramis who wish their enemies dead. Darkblade Assassin, the first book in the Hero of Darkness series, transports us to the fantastical city of Voramis, a metropolis where corruption reigns and a career assassin can make a comfortable living.

Darkblade Assassin follows the Hunter, whose real name is unknown even to him, as he is commissioned to kill an innocent man intent on relieving the city of its hidden evils. As the Hunter unravels the motives behind his mysterious employer’s request, he discovers that his city is more diseased than he could ever have imagined. Facing Voramis’ answer to the mafia, the Bloody Hand, the Hunter finds himself tested like never before, and determined to seek revenge for those he has lost.

Peloquin brings his debut novel to life with a protagonist we are surprised to love, antagonists we love to hate and a city that not so much leaps of the page as sucks us into its depths. With an army of solid, likeable (or hateable) characters, a vividly painted world bursting with incredible imagery and an intriguing plot, Peloquin has used his unique talent to create a truly unforgettable book.

I truly found it difficult to put this book down. While an assassin, the Hunter has a deep sense of empathy for the innocent, the weak and the poor that had me connecting with him early on in the book. The Hunter has a strong sense of justice, even if sometimes he questions whether he really knows what that means. One thing is for certain: Andy Peloquin knows how to create the ideal anti-hero.

Action-packed, injected with dark but tickling humour and brimming with tear-jerking twists, Darkblade Assassin takes no prisoners and has us guessing at every turn. Fans of epic fantasy are guaranteed to enjoy this first book of six in the Hero of Darkness series.

Darkblade Assassin is available for 99 cents on Amazon and is currently sitting comfortable on the site’s bestseller list, with its equally thrilling sequel Darkblade Outcast not far behind.

If you want to know more about the author and his books, Andy Peloquin has a website and a very active Facebook group you are welcome to join, and for doing so you will be gifted with an e-book copy of one of his books.



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