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The Secret Library Review: Protected by Anna Applegate

“She thinks she’s a normal college Senior. He knows she’s anything but. Ariya Adams has no idea she’s descended from blood so powerful and rare that her life is infinitely more precious than any ordinary woman’s—especially to James Rymer.

James enters her life and stirs up feelings she can’t explain. He becomes a part of her world almost overnight, but Ariya senses he’s hiding something, and she’s determined to figure out what it is.

When “normal” becomes a thing of the past and fantasy enters Ariya’s reality, she’s soon faced with dangerous revelations, the least of which is that everyone she loves has been keeping secrets from her. With a paranormal evil she’s only beginning to comprehend threatening her and her friends, Ariya will have to choose between duty and love. Through it all, she’ll learn to never underestimate the power of blood.”

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Four out of five stars!

Mineral Point just got more magical. Protected follows Ariya Adams as she prepares to enjoy her last year at college with her best friends Riley, Caroline, and Caroline’s new beau, Nick. Ready to make the most of her final year, Ariya is about to find out that she has much less control over her life than she realised.

In the shadows of Kingsbrook College, vampires and werewolves are gathering and the locals of Kingsbrook are suffering the consequences. In the wake of unusual animal attacks, Ariya can feel that the place she calls home is changing, and she struggles to figure out how. With the arrival of James, Nick and Devon at Kingsbrook, the dynamics of Ariya’s life begins to drastically change in ways she cannot begin to fathom.

Author Anna Applegate captures Ariya’s denial and disbelief, when learning she lives in a magical world, much better than most in this genre. Ariya’s determination to cling to the reality she knew is every bit more realistic than the likes of Twilight.

Applegate presents a loveable cast of characters, heart-warming romances and a sinister set of enemies that crop up in the most unexpected places. Far from being a damsel-in-distress, Ariya is a relatable protagonist still learning to apply her capabilities to her knew, magical circumstances.

Especially enticing was the tentative romance between Ariya and James who, despite both having strong feelings for each other, struggle to justify indulging their connection during such dangerous times. Their chemistry is undeniable and I was secretly hoping they would make many more romantic slip-ups than they did.

While Protected provided some great action and tension, the book does start off slowly and the pace does not pick up for some time. Despite this, Protected was a certifiable page-turner from the start and sporting an enticing plot and great character introspection, is a book well worth a read.

Protected is currently available for FREE on all major publishing sites. Get it on Amazon here.

One of the friendliest indie authors out there, Anna Applegate is very active on her Facebook group which you can find here.

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