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The Secret Library Review: Daughter of the Night by Tiki Kos

“When Serena returns home from a day of work, she witnesses a terrifying event which uproots her quiet existence. Attacked by a vicious creature, she is saved by a mysterious figure and introduced to the Einherja, warriors trained to protect Earth from demons.

Serena soon finds out she is the descendant of an Aesir god, and her recurring dreams might just be the answer to Avonmore’s ritualistic murders. Will she be able to protect her hometown, or will she be forced to sacrifice her new love?

Daughter of Nótt, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

A tale of passionloss and self-awakening, Daughter Of The Night is the debut release of Tiki Kos, and the first in the Daughter Of The Night trilogy.”

forty years ofmagnificence (5)

One out of five stars

A barista content with her cosy but uneventful life, Serena is unexpectedly dragged into a world of magic, Gods and legends. Following the death of her parents, Serena lives alone but for the company of her friends, neighbours and Marbles the cat. When returning home one evening, Serena is attacked by a demon and wakes up to a surprising, new reality as the Daughter of Nott, a descendant of a Norse God.

The premise of this book was absolutely captivating and I began reading with high hopes. Unfortunately, the incredible front cover and exciting blurb make promises the book just can’t keep. The characters, the plot and the settings are all thoroughly underdeveloped and the book lacks imagery, direction and character development. Despite this, Serena jumps from being a normal woman with a normal job to a warrior who is no longer afraid of the dangers she is faced with, with little to no character development.

From time to time, the writing is nonsensical and throughout the book very little introspection has been used to give the characters appropriate responses to the book’s events and to distinguish them from each other in relation to dialogue and personal behaviours. In addition, there are a lot of information dumps, particularly in the beginning.

I felt a great deal of disappointment at the lack of imagery in this book, as the potential for it is staggering given the fantastical settings. Throughout the book, the settings were not described or displayed with any real certainty, uniqueness or adequate detail.

The greatest problem with Daughter of  the Night lies with the protagonist, as she seems to mindlessly accept what people tell her with little to no questioning and jumps on board without any consideration as to how it might affect her life or whether she is personally ready for this adventure. It is safe to say the characters are unfortunately wooden, the romantic elements are not enticing and the story is too underdeveloped to be enjoyable.

The world the author has created has so much potential and done right, it could be a stand-out universe. Unfortunately, all elements of the story are in need of development, and it wasn’t an enjoyable read.

You can find Daughter of the Night on Amazon, currently available for 99 cents (at the time of this review).

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