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How to Deal with Finishing an Awesome Book

Finishing a book, it’s a necessary evil. To enjoy a really good book, we have to accept that it will eventually end. The bad books we can’t wait to end, because we can’t just stop reading them – that’s painful, right? But the good ones we would gladly read forever without end, and when they do, we want to cry. Ugly cry.

When we were children and teenagers, we would read a lot and find wonder in most of the books we picked up. As adults, we are a lot harder to impress. Without all that innocence and desperation for escapism, we have lost the vision a little. It takes a really good book to truly blow us away and those stories can be few and far between. What else are we going to do when we’ve finished reading that rarity than mourn? Get out your black dresses and suits, people. We’re going to learn how to cope with finishing an awesome book.


Find Sequels

Once we’ve thrown off our mourning dress, we must put on our detective hats (and other clothes too, most countries arrest for nakedness in public.) If the author has written one, there’s every chance they have written another. Most authors write series these days, (those money-grabbing monsters), and it’s difficult to find standalone books, as writing a series of books is encouraged in the self-publishing and traditional publishing industries. So the chances of your favourite hero getting another adventure to join them on are pretty good.

Find the author’s name, type it into Google and tear up their social media looking for sequels – and while you’re at it, leave a glowing review for the book you loved, and that author will treasure you for the rest of your life. Leaving reviews, that’s what awesome readers do.


Beg the Author for Sequels

What? No sequels? Outrageous! How are we supposed to cope? Fear not, there is a solution! Remember when we found the author on the internet? Send them an e-mail and beg for sequels! Chances are they are already writing one, but it can’t hurt to let them know how badly you want to read it.

So, how do we go about phrasing our desperate pleas? Rule number one: no crying emojis. We might be desperate, but desperation is guaranteed to drive strangers away and do we want to do that to our favourite authors? Nope!

Here’s the best way to ask for sequels: gush about how much we love their work, how talented they are and how we will recommend their work to everyone we meet. Then we ask “when’s the next one?” Be cool.

If they’re writing one, our epic praise will warm their hearts and spur them on to finish their long-awaited sequel. If they’re not, they might start thinking they should! Moral of the story: politeness, enthusiasm and praise will get you everywhere.


Don’t Go Looking For Similar Books

It’s natural when we’ve finished an awesome book that we would want to recreate those same warm, fuzzy feelings. But there’s only one outcome when we go looking for the same formula in a different book: disappointment. Not because that book we’ve found is bad, but because it isn’t going to be exactly the same, and truthfully, why would we want it to be? We got a unique experience from our awesome book and trying to find it somewhere else is fruitless. No two books are ever the same, so no two books will ever make us feel the same. But worse still, the book we would have enjoyed if we hadn’t tried to fill the void with it, won’t get the love it deserves. Good books deserve better than a rebound relationship!

Maybe don’t go off genre completely, but if you’re coping with a book heartbreak, try something a little different to take your mind off things. Time heals all wounds.


Finishing a book we’re in love with is one of the hardest book-related struggles there is, and it can leave us wanting more. Plus a little emotional. Let’s find comfort in a sequel or two, or telling the author how much we loved their book. Before long, we’ll find another amazing read that will break our hearts to finish.


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4 thoughts on “How to Deal with Finishing an Awesome Book”

  1. This post resonates so much. Although, I have such an eclectic TBR list that I don’t think I could pick up a similar book if I tried lol. I’ll be honest, I’ve never contacted an author to beg for a sequel (mainly because said sequels have landed in my TBR pile) and when I get to them, I get to them.


  2. It can be tough to finish a book that you just really love, and not all books have sequels – especially if it’s a contemporary. However, fingers crossed the author has other books out already! LOL



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