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Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Sale Alert!

Eyes front, people! We have a sale alert!

On Wednesday, The Secret Library posted a five star review for the absolutely mind-blowing Child of the Night Guild – the first book in the Queen of Thieves epic fantasy series. Turns out, the timing for this review was perfect because the author, Andy Peloquin, has just announced that the ENTIRE Queen of Theives series is now available for 99c on Amazon!

You don’t need to ask my opinion on this series, because last Wednesday’s review says it all – it rocks! Epic fantasy fans need to get your butts to the Queen of Thieves: Books 1-3 page on Amazon right now and snag yourself an e-book copy of the series.

This series actually has a continuation: a crossover between the Queen of Thieves and another of Peloquin’s series, Hero of Darkness (a six book series). Having beta-reading privileges, I’ve also read this one ahead of it’s release and without spoilers – it is my favourite book that he has ever written, and let me tell you that’s saying something.

I couldn’t wait to spread the word about this sale, because it’s an absolute steal for the quality and entertainment you get. Do yourselves – and your bookshelf – a huge favour and throw 99c at this series before the sale expires!


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