Vox Saeth

Vox Saeth Cover Reveal!

Instead of a book review today, we have a cover reveal!

The first story in the series of Vox Saeth: The Voice of Seven is will be coming to The Secret Library and Wattpad in just 5 days – and here is the front cover!


Featuring Saeth: a 19 year old shape-shifting private investigator who traverses London in search of answers for his supernatural clients. Keeping his job a secret from his over-protective dad, Saeth often finds himself in all kinds of magical trouble – with only his wits, shape-shifting and his collection of talismans to keep him safe.

Saeth is a character who has been fairly long in the making, and I’ve spent the last few years scribbling characteristics into his profile until he became a fully-formed young man.

After all these years, Saeth finally gets to star in his own short story series!

Every seven weeks, Saeth will embark on a new adventure on The Secret Library and Wattpad – the first of which is coming 20th August!

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