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New Fantasy Release: Forged in Blood and Lightning – by S.A. Ashdown

This cover, you guys. This. Cover.

I haven’t read this book yet, but I can’t express how much I’m gonna.

Inspired by Norse mythology,  Forged in Blood and Lightning is the first book in the Descendants of Thor series, and it couldn’t look more amazing. Featuring Vampires, Witches and the descendants of Norse Gods, Forged in Blood and Lightning was said to have been inspired by the works of Anne Rice.

Published on 11th March 2018, Forged in Blood and Lightning has received significant praise so far:

“This is a magnificent book, as is the author’s writing.” 5 star review by Ira Myriam (book blogger)

“I really enjoyed this book. It seems to have everything you could possibly want, laughter, tears, murder, rebirth, witches, warlocks, vampires and elves.” – Eleanor Chown, Amazon Reviewer


In case you hadn’t already guessed, I think this cover is an absolute winner, and coupled with the blurb, it’s proving harder and harder to find reasons not to get this book on sight.

Forged in Blood and Lightning is available on Kindle Unlimited, and the only real downside I can see in purchasing this book is the $5 Kindle format price tag.

I have to clarify, I don’t think this is an unreasonable price to pay for a book – the hardcover comes in at $17 which is also perfectly acceptable – but as ever with indie authors who haven’t yet got an extensive reputation, the investment may be a gamble.

I, for one, am rolling the dice! (Look out for the review of this book to see whether or not it wows as much as the cover!)

Forged in Blood and Lightning is available on Amazon.

You can follow the author, S.A. Ashdown on Facebook, Bookbub and Goodreads.



Most twenty-one-year-old men don’t expect to die on their birthday, but then again, the Clemensen warlocks are no ordinary men.

Theo Clemensen’s desperate quest to escape his family’s fortress and hunt down the man who killed his mother would be a little easier if it wasn’t for the iron grip of the Praetoriani, and the return of vicious vampires and unhinged, Italian witches set on taking over his home town. They all know there’s something different about Theo’s strange access to magic, and they’ll blast the Nine Realms apart if it helps them get their hands on it. Now Theo must choose between avenging his mother or ensuring his own survival – because there’s a darkness on the horizon, and Hellingstead is about to be smothered in it.


*Pricing information correct at time of publication of this post.

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