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New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz


“Blaire Stevens’ sorrow is a powerful force. Recent events have her grieving in a human sports bar, but when her anger and guilt jeopardize the ghosted community, she must face the council. Again.

Aiden Briar has lost Blaire once, and won’t risk it a second time. When his gifts allow him to listen to Dorris, the quirky human psychic residing in Blaire’s home, sharing her story, he finds himself racing against time to piece together the puzzle.

Under the watchful supervision of a council she no longer trusts, Blaire must undergo her rigorous placement testing as the group searches for answers. The consequences are numerous, and time is running out.”


**beware the spoilers!**

May I introduce you to The Secret Library’s first ghost story.

Haunted is the second book in the Shattered Soul Saga featuring Blaire Stevens, who was once a normal teenager living a usual life. Until she died.

The first book in the series Ghosted follows Blaire as she adapts to death, and battles through the hurdles in a new realm. Haunted follows Blaire’s continuing journey as she deals with the ghostly Council, and is tested to find her place in the realm of the dead.

Haunted also explores the adventures of Aidan, Blaire’s significant other, as he follows the psychic medium, Dorris, currently occupying Blaire’s home.

While Haunted is due for release soon, Ghosted has been the subject of much praise from its readership:

“I really enjoyed reading this book! The characters definitely pop, and there is definitely plenty of action.” – 5 star review.

“I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Let me start with WOW! I really enjoyed this book and am upset that it is over. This book took a little while for me to get into but once it picked up, it was great, and I was unable to put it down!” – 4 star review.

“So I liked this book. It was a bit iffy at the beginning, but it brought a fresh, new facet to the YA genre that I haven’t read or explored before, so I certainly appreciated that.” – 4 star review.

For fans of paranormal, urban fantasy and YA, Haunted is set for release on 30th August and is currently available for pre-order on your favourite book buying platform for 99c.

Want to catch up? Ghosted is also widely available on these book buying platforms, also for 99c.


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5 thoughts on “New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz”

  1. I read Ghosted and Hunted. I love it. I thought it was a unique world. At least I haven’t read anything like this before. It’s definitely a must read!

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