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New Fantasy Release: A Hunter Within by Anna Applegate


“My name is JULES PARKER, and I’m a Research Scientist. I landed an internship at Falcone Industries, the most prestigious pharmaceutical company in the country, though it’s not what I’d hoped. After all, there’s hardly a fine line between taking a volunteer and shackling someone down before injecting poison into their body. After secretly witnessing that horror, I’m in an uncomfortable situation.

Then, there’s SEELEY RONAN. Who is he, you might ask? Well, he’s a Vampire King. And yes, I said vampire. He saved my life, and now we seem to be … connected. He’s sexy, dangerous, and a major distraction, who says Falcone is run by rogue hunters who are harming innocent vampires in a quest for power. 

Seeley is desperate to protect his people, and needs my help to do it. But that means turning my back on the only path I’ve ever known. My heart and mind are in a tug-of-war and with my heart quickly becoming his, it’s not likely I’ll be able to deny him. 

What I do know is that I’m in way over my head. As long as I can keep it together, we might be able to bring Falcone down from the inside. But, my world is about to change in a big way, and I’m not sure any of us will be ready for what comes next.”



Here is a vampire romance we’ve been waiting for – the kind with no teenage angst.

Vampire fiction has reached adulthood, and it’s coming to us via Jules Parker, who upon joining the ranks of the country’s leading pharmacologists, realises her new job isn’t what it seems. After Seeley Ronan – a Vampire King – saves her, Jules is granted the opportunity to do what is right.

Released 15th July this year, the newest release by paranormal romance author Anna Applegate, A Hunter Within is the first book in the Alliance of Power duology. Yup, there’s another book in the pipeline to carry on Jules’ and Seeley’s story.

A Hunter Within has jumped up the ranks on my “to be read” pile – I know, I shouldn’t do it, I’m biased – but this is just what Vampire fans need. The Vampire hype died out a while ago, but many of us want to experience the Vampire buzz again, and A Hunter Within looks like a great book to fill that niche.

So far, A Hunter Within is enjoying consistently good reviews:

“Her story involved vampires and other supernatural creatures, but was not the same old tired plotline that we’ve all read a million times-there were a lot of twists, turns, heartbreak and surprises. I encourage anyone looking to give this book a try-I doubt you’ll be able to put it down and, like me, will be eagerly looking forward to the release of book two!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“As a avid reader of PNR books sometimes the stories are the same cookie cutter format. This was not the case with A Hunter Within!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“The story is full of mystery, action and well placed drama scenes. The plot flows seamlessly with the story. This is my first book by this author and it wont be my last.” – Amazon Reviewer

A Hunter Within is available on Amazon, and Kindle Unlimited, along with Anna Applegate’s other series, the Ariya Adams Trilogy – the first book of which, Protected, is currently available for free!

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