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The Supernatural Encyclopedia Presents: Vampires

Urban fantasy and magic realism wouldn’t be what they are without the mysterious, and the powerful – supernatural creatures. Magic runs through their veins, and they were either born with it, or found it, but we love them either way.

The Secret Library is going to spend the next several weeks celebrating supernatural creatures from all over the globe in all their glory – that’s right, we’re not just sticking to Nordic and Western creatures. The sky’s the limit!

Let’s start with an old favourite.



These guys have been around for centuries – literally.

They lurk in the shadows waiting for an unsuspecting human to wander by and either drink their blood, or turn them into a fellow creature of the night. Faster, stronger, and hungrier than most humans – and supernatural creatures – Vampires are some of the deadliest folk in the magical world.

It All Started With One

Bram Stoker’s Dracula set the standard for Vampires, and we will forever associate them with the reclusive, pointy-toothed, pasty Count from Transylvania. Vampires might still be super-strong, and in need of blood today, but they’re also sparkly, moody and RIPPED. Thank you Stephanie Meyer. (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

We’re Not Scared of Vampires Anymore, They Make Us Horny

Ever since Dracula, Vampires have evolved. But ever since they found their way into Fantasy YA fiction, Vampires were no longer feared, but coveted. Their mystery was enticing, and their danger was exciting. Somehow, as teenagers, we wanted them in our beds. Or watching us sleep. Thank you again Stephanie Meyer. (Yes, more sarcasm.)

They Might Be Dangerous, But We Love Them

As supernatural fans, we have come to embrace Vampires, and give them more purpose than just the scary antagonist to throw stakes at. Their thirst for blood has opened the doors to many an interesting character arc, and their super-strength and super-speed are often the best weapons against the forces of evil. Written right, Vampires make the best characters!

Where You Can Find The Best Vampire Books

When the Vampire novel trend took off, we had so much to choose from to find some mysterious, but alluring entertainment. Problem was, many of them were riding the wave of popularity and weren’t actually that good. are The Secret Library’s top Vampire book recommendations:

The All Souls Trilogy – by Deborah Harkness

Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery – by Monique Martin

Protected – by Anna Applegate


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