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#NewRelease – Mr. Vrana by Rebecca Main


“Irina Adolphus acted only as her alpha commanded—stay alive. Now the spirited she-wolf finds herself thrust into the upper echelons of supernatural politics, playing a game that may cost her, her life. Reduced to a pawn and surrounded by enemies who despise her kind, Irina must rely on herself to find a way home… or put her trust in unexpected allies. Can Irina conceal her plans from the enigmatic Mr. Vrana watching her every move? Or will his piercing regard find its way underneath the fierce she-wolf’s skin?

When you’re a vampire, sins last forever—and that’s the way they like it.

For over a century, Mr. Vrana has plotted revenge against those who have wronged him. And there is nothing that will steer him from his cause, especially his newfound prisoner, Irina Adolphus. The dark beauty knows all the right buttons to push to unsettle him, but their clashes only make this dangerous dance more thrilling. Experienced in the ways of the Dark Court’s wicked games, Mr. Vrana knows too well the rules it plays by and the cost of failure.

But the stakes will not deter the centuries-old vampire. For fury holds no bounds to the patient man… and Mr. Vrana has been very patient. 

Together the two enemies must navigate the Dark Court in order to survive. But can the head-strong supernaturals find common ground? Or will their pride lead to their downfall?”




Classic werewolves and vampires meets politics – the supernatural kind!

Featuring Irina Adolphus, fighting for her survival where werewolves are not welcome, and the mysterious Mr. Vrana, a vampire with a score to settle, and he doesn’t care how long it takes.

Book four in the Soulmark series, Mr. Vrana explores areas of supernatural worlds only touched on by most other urban fantasy books – politics. A topic guaranteed not to bore the pants off us when magic is involved. While the blurb may not suggest it, Mr. Vrana is actually a paranormal romance, and while forced to work together as enemies, Irina and Mr. Vrana discover a hidden attraction for each other that neither one can resist.

Released July 30th 2018, Mr. Vrana is making quite the impression on Amazon, currently sporting thirteen 5 star reviews. Far from the “This was a great book” vagueness of most Amazon reviews, the reviewers of this book appear to be legitimately blown away by what they’ve just read.

“Like Mr. Vrana, the author writes a romance novel that shows great patience and control before reaching the highly awaited romantic confrontations between the main characters. Thankfully everything in between these passionate scenes is quite interesting and well written. One of my favorite paranormal romance series.” – Amazon reviewer.

“I loved this book, it is 4th in a series . The other books leading up to this one are all full of adventure, sexy alpha men. This book has a whole lot more suspense , sexy vampires , witches , werewolves , banshee and sorcerers and other shapeshifters. And then there’s the Dark Court, deep underground away from the sun where anything and anyone can conspire against our heroes and heroines. Then there’s forbidden love that prevails. I can’t wait for more. Oh and of course I love the sorceress named Valdora, just like me. The jump back in time and the present is smoothly written so you don’t become confused. Ms. Main does an excellent job of writing so you don’t get lost. AWESOME” – Amazon reviewer.

“This story about Mr Vrana, Irina, and Nova was mind bending! Such passionate characters and background details, never go unnoticed! This book was my favorite, so far, in the series. If you love the supernatural world, dive in. This cannot be outdone, in my opinion. Soulmark rocks!” – Amazon reviewer.

If you are intrigued by Mr. Vrana and want to catch up on the Soulmark series, a 3 book box-set is available with the first three books for under $10!

Mr. Vrana is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, and iBooks.

Author Rebecca Main can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for all the updates on her books and latest releases!


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