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Taking a dip in the pool of Norse mythology. Valkyries.

They come from Valhalla. They fight for Norse Gods. They are the kick-ass women that the mainstream forgot – and we are counting on the Thor movies to change that.

Valkyries are the warriors of the Gods.

The most popular stories of Valkyries tell us this: they bring the souls of fallen, worthy warriors to Valhalla, so those warriors can fight alongside Odin during Ragnarok. They are the deciders of who lives and who dies in battle.

The favourite myths of Valkries are fairly romantic: they fall in love with human men, and protect their lives in battle. Special treatment, much?

Valkyrie myths have a sinister underside.

Valkyries aren’t all valiant battling and helping souls along into their next lives. In some of the older texts depicting Valkyries, they are described as using magic to manipulate the system and ensure the souls they choose go where they want them to. They don’t just choose souls, they fabricate the fate of the warriors, but how, which can mean unnecessarily bloody ends, on the whim of a Valkyrie.

Hey, we’re women, we’re used to being demonised by now, amirite?

We need more Valkyrie fiction.

I’m really hoping for a Valkyrie phase in fiction popularity, like Vampires and Zombies have had in the last decade. There’s so much potential with these creatures, and so many awesome stories we could tell. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places, but I haven’t had much luck finding a great deal of Valkyrie fiction.

Thank Odin for Thor. Literally.

Valkyries finally had some decent air time in the movie Thor:Ragnarok and although Freya started out as a drunk bounty hunter, she embraced her Valkyrie roots once more in the final battle – and looked awesome doing it. Here’s hoping that this is the window through which Valkyries can take the spotlight.

They might not be well-known, but there are Valkyrie books to read.

I did some digging, and it seems that Valkyries haven’t really made their mark on the mainstream just yet, but if you’re interested in reading Valkyries in fiction, there’s a whole list on Goodreads that you might find useful.

Did you know Vox Saeth has Valkyries in it?

It’s true! Inspired by Norse mythology and thrown into a modern day setting, Valkyries are alive and kicking in Saeth’s urban fantasy world.

Read The PI with Nine Lives right here on The Secret Library and see what you think!


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