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#UrbanFantasy #BookReview – Nairobi Jack, by Monique Martin


“Jack Wells barely has time to recover from his last assignment when he’s sent on a new mission. He’s an emergency replacement and there isn’t time for the usual prep. All he knows is the name of the man, David Grant, and where he’ll find him, 1932 Nairobi, Kenya.

In Colonial Africa, wild animals aren’t the most dangerous creatures around. Hedonistic aristocrats and vicious criminals are much bigger threats. The mission is more complicated than Jack could ever have imagined as he struggles to save Grant from an unknown assassin and faces someone from his past he never thought he’d see again.”


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Book Review

As it’s easy to garner from my past book reviews, I am slightly obsessed with the books of Monique Martin. Her time-travelling historical books – which I totally class as urban fantasy/magic realism due to a lack of sci-fi stuff – are easy to read and so enjoyable.

As a hardcore fan, when Monique Martin sent out requests for ARC readers for her books, I didn’t so much leap as sprint headfirst at the chance. A few months later, I received Nairobi Jack in my inbox, and spent all of four hours devouring it. This book was not long enough.

Featuring Jack Wells, a time-traveller who dots around history in an attempt to avoid catastrophes throughout time. Jack is sent to Nairobi, Kenya in 1932 to save the life of David Grant. **spoiler alert here!** Little does Jack know that the man he has been sent to save is the father who left their family when he was a child.

Jack is torn between the ghostly feelings of abandonment from his past and his duty to protect Grant. When the aristocratic community of Nairobi start dying under plausible, but still suspicious circumstances, Jack knows Grant could only be days away from assassination, and he has no idea who to suspect.

As always, Martin is fantastic at setting the scene, and Nairobi is brought to life as a vibrant, exotic if corrupt city that holds as much conspiracy as it does community. The deaths in this book reminded me a lot of old murder mysteries – Miss Marple and Murder, She Wrote kind of stories. Promising an out-of-the-blue but spectacular climax, Martin builds the tension exquisitely throughout and doesn’t disappoint.

Jack is the kind of awesome protagonist you fall in love with straight away. He’s always ready to throw himself into any action, sometimes not caring and sometimes hoping there’ll be some danger along the way. Funny, daring and secretly a cinnamon roll, Jack is one of my favourite characters of all time.

This is the third book of Jack’s adventures, but Nairobi Jack is a standalone, so there’s no need to read the first two to understand what’s going on. I haven’t read the first two yet, but I can’t wait to tick them off my “to be read” list!

Nairobi Jack has a solid 5* rating on Amazon, and in my opinion, it is well deserved.

Nairobi Jack is a five star book all the way, and Fin is super-happy to give this one The Secret Library stamp of approval!

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