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The nymphs that dance in the woods, and the pixies that hide your keys. Fairies!

They can be troublesome pests, or elusive wonders, but fairies have long been a part of Western tales and superstitions. Tiny humans at one with nature, flitting about with dragonfly wings, and sleeping in tulips. Fairies were the little pieces of wonder that made our story time and our childhoods that much more magical.

The good, the bad and the mischievous.

Fairy stories have been around so long, people have had centuries to paint them in every light in the spectrum. Sometimes they play harmless pranks on us, and sometimes they steal our babies and switch them with their own. Think about that one next time your three-year-old puts peanut butter in the fish bowl!

Whether they have malicious intent or not, all the fairies do to humans seem to be purely for entertainment. The nicest of our fairy friends will only tangle our hair in our sleep, but there’s still a chance more sinister pixies might lure us out into the woods and make us dance ourselves to death.

Fairies get the blame for everything.

Although, did we ever think that maybe fairies aren’t that nice to us is because we blame them for everything? For centuries, fairies have been blamed for tuberculosis, sudden deaths and stealing babies without any real proof. No wonder they’re pissed.

If we fancy getting on a fairy’s good side, leaving out favours for them like honey is the best way to get them to like us. Or we can keep them at bay with four-leaf clovers, church bells and wearing clothes inside out. So when our co-workers are teasing us about our labels sticking out, we are totally prepared with a reasonable explanation.

Fairy stories make the best reads.

Fairy lovers have so much literature to choose from, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Just lately, I’ve been going through a fairy-tale retelling phase and these are some fantastic reads.

The most recent book ticked of my “to be read” list is Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm, and I have nothing but good things to say about this book. It is crammed full of fairies – literally 90% of the cast are fairies – and it’s one of the best fairy-tale retellings I’ve ever read.

FYI – I’ve also written a fairy story, which you can listen to on the Manawaker Studio Podcast! Changeling – the story of a painstaking transaction of a mother Fae switching out her baby for a human infant, to keep her child safe. It’s a real tearjerker!


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