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#NewRelease – Bequeathed by Melinda Terranova


“The curse that has haunted me from birth carries with it dark secrets and nightmares.

The very curse I want no part of.

I’m sent to visit distant family in Rome for my eighteenth birthday and it is there that I first lay eyes on Dominic. When our worlds collide, a dangerous and forbidden love unfolds. A world full of secrets and lies. A world where we teeter on the edge of deception and truth.

Until I meet the one that lurks in the shadows. The one that will turn my little world on its axis. The one that I’m supposed to be afraid of. 

The one that reveals the dark and twisted reason I am coveted.”


Vampire romances got popular for a reason – we love ’em! (Even if we won’t always admit it.) Enter Bequeathed, a dark paranormal romance set in the vivacious city of Rome. Given that the vast majority of mainstream paranormal romances these days, both in traditional and self-publishing take place in the US, it’s refreshing to put a different backdrop and culture to vampire fiction.

Bequeathed appears to adhere to the most popular aspects of paranormal YA fiction: an eighteen-year-old girl with a mysterious family, a love that is forbidden and risky, and a seemingly ordinary protagonist who is a focal point of the supernatural world. Yet the immediately arresting front cover promises a European twist that the others lack.

Currently, Bequeathed is a little lacking in the review department, but with both reviews sporting a solid 4 stars for this debut novel:

“The plot was well developed, and for some parts of the book it was easy to take a guess at where the plot was heading, all the while having mysteries that keeps you intrigued. There’s such a great balance of the two, that you’re in a constant state of ooooo- i-need-to-know-what-happens-next. It really adds to the overall feel of the book.” – 4* Amazon review.

If you’re looking for your next vampire/paranormal romance, Bequeathed is available on Amazon for 99c/99p in e-book format, but is also available in paperback.

Author Melinda Terranova has social media profiles everywhere for updates about her latest work, including Facebook and Instagram.


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