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#NewRelease – Vox Saeth by Rosie Wylor-Owen

“There’s nowhere you can’t go if you are a shapeshifter.

The Diamond Talisman isn’t your usual private investigation service. Run by supernaturals for supernaturls, the Diamond Talisman specialises in solving magical cases for Valkyries, Witches and Demons with nowhere else to turn.

Saeth Culver loves his job at DT, but it isn’t without its dangers. A creative and inquisitive shapeshifter, Saeth often finds himself tumbling headfirst into trouble. Faced with Vampires, nosy humans and other Shapeshifters, sometimes it’s all Saeth can do to escape in one piece. But life is too good to have it any other way.”




How audacious, I’m promoting my own stories. Have yourself some self-made urban fantasy, y’all!

Saeth is a 19-year-old shapeshifting private investigator who suffers with sickle cell anemia, a blood condition which can sometimes flare up in times of stress. So Saeth is cucumber cool, even in the most dangerous situations.

The Vox Saeth series will follow Saeth on his adventures in several short stories published every seven weeks here, on The Secret Library and on Wattpad.

Saeth’s first story The PI with Nine Lives hit the internet on 20th August and his second story will soon be up, on Monday 8th October. In Saeth’s second story, he and his colleague Callista find themselves undertaking an unusual case. When the supernatural police force, the Nexus, give up on the search for a missing, but powerful 10 year old, they take on the case. Suspecting she has been kidnapped and sold into the supernatural black market, the Umbra Artis, the stakes have never been higher for Saeth.

Next year, all of Saeth’s short stories will be compiled into one collection and will be available for sale on Amazon and hopefully also in paperback.

If you enjoy reading Saeth’s stories, please like, share and comment on the blog and/or Wattpad, your support is always cherished!

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