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OK, you might be thinking “aren’t dragons just fantasy?” and to that I say: hell, no! Dragons were born from legends that were based around our own world in ancient times. They came from our world, not fantasy worlds – even though there are some amazing epic fantasy worlds out there – (there’s one right here, check it!)

Dragons are by far my favourite supernatural creatures, I am a huge fan of Dragonheart and Reign of FireI love dragons so much, you may have noticed one in my logo.


Oh yeah, love me some dragons.

Dragons are never just one thing.

Dragons are one of the most ambiguous species in terms of good and evil. They are portrayed as wise sages (Dragonheart), cunning antagonists (The Hobbit), and sometimes creatures with animalistic tendencies (Harry Potter). As such, there is so much potential when they are integrated into stories, whether fantastical or set in our very own world.

The all-knowing wise dragon is one of the best tropes, which showcases dragons as a species that understands the universe much better than humans do. It’s that wonder, and mysticism, along with their epic scaly, winged awesomeness, that makes dragons so amazing.

Dragons are things of legend.

I grew up in Hay-on-Wye, town of book and home to the annual Hay Festival, on the border between England and Wales. Wales gets ridiculously overlooked on an international level. From the USA to China, when Wales is pointed out, most people will just go “wait, I thought that was England too.” Well, I have news for y’all: every country in the UK helped foster the legends of dragons that were passed down to us.

In case you’ve never seen the national flag for Wales, it’s a red dragon. Oh yeah, they’re that cool! One of the best Welsh legends is the battle between the Welsh red dragon and the English white dragon. **Spoiler alert** the Welsh dragon wins – but here’s a Merlin inspired white dragon page to fill you in.

Dragons are literary gold.

In my upcoming novels, urban fantasy though they are, dragons will definitely make an appearance, and I can’t wait to write them. It’s such an exciting concept! While I’m still making my way through Eragon (loving it so far), I’m looking for more dragon reads to sink my fangs into, so please recommend me any and all dragon-related books you loved. I’d love to know which dragon books blew you away!

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