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There are few things more terrifying than a werewolf. A creature that roams the night, a slave to its animalistic savagery in the light of the full moon. For one night a month, regular people transform into huge wolves with super strength, super speed, and a hunger for flesh, human or otherwise.

One of the first wolf stories, the Hound of the Baskervilles really set the tone for the werewolf stories that followed, and our ancestors were as scared of them then as we are of them now.


Werewolves are scary AF.

Werewolves aren’t just scary because they are furry monsters that can rip us in half, they’re scary because we forget they’re going to show up. We walk home alone in the dark like always when *bam* is that a full moon? Oh crap, run for your lives!

The scare factor really shoots up when our monsters are natural predators, and none are more so than the wolf. So a huge wolf with razor-sharp senses (and teeth) and capable of stalking us silently until it fancies a human-sized snack is some real brick-in-our-pants stuff.


Werewolves make great stories.

The evolution of werewolf stories has been huge over the last few decades. From human-turned-animal with no motivation but instinct, to their human consciousness taking control of their werewolf bodies, they are capable of being kick-ass antagonists, and valuable allies.

The best part about supernatural creatures is that the magic that created them can vary so drastically that their origin stories and their powers aren’t often the same from one story to the next. Werewolves, and their supernatural cousins, are the catalysts for endless paranormal entertainment.


We have so much werewolf fiction to choose from.

Werewolves haven’t yet made an appearance in any of my books, but you have my word, they definitely will in the future. They are an integral part of the Vox Saeth magical world and I can’t wait to write them in. In the meantime, werewolves feature in the magical world of Protected by Anna Applegate – read The Secret Library review here!


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