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#NewRelease – Azimuth (The Rahki Chronicles) by Rennie St. James


“Trapped in an office job, Mia Rayner dreamed of adventure.

And then it came true.

When she finds the body of her Gypsy teacher, Mia’s life will shift into a blur of martial arts, mythology, and murder. Taught by the enigmatic Cayden Jodhani, she’ll learn the warrior’s path in a Rahki world where magic hangs heavy between Mia and her destiny. With a young orphan by her side, Mia will have to fight to earn her place as a guardian protector.  Ancient prophecies claim she and the gifted child are destined to save mankind; Mia is more worried about saving them from the next attempt on their lives.

However, some epic journeys do start with a stumble.”




The supernatural, paranormal and magic are rooted in an extensive history we don’t truly understand. Inspired by the mythology and folklore embedded in her college degree, author Rennie St. James began working on The Rahki Chronicles back in 2013. The TV shows Arrow and Grimm also helped light the fire of creativity under this supernatural series.

Featuring Mia, a woman living an ordinary life destined for greatness in a magical world she isn’t aware of until the death of her teacher. Isn’t this what we all want to magically happen in our lives? Stuck in dead-end jobs until someone or something throws us into a supernatural destiny filled with action, love and high stakes.

Promising an extraordinary supernatural adventure, Azimuth is the first of three books in The Rahki Chronicles and was first released on 25th September 2018 – the date of the “Harvest Moon” which has particular significance in the book.

On Goodreads, Azimuth has a great deal of good feedback from its readers:

“While I would call this urban fantasy, it is unlike other books I’ve read in that genre in that it isn’t immediately, in-your-face apparent where exactly the supernatural bits of the book are. There is a really good use of allusion and inference that I found a really interesting way of situating this book within the supernatural genre.” – Goodreads review.

“I do like the way that several main plot threads have been quite cleverly woven together without compromising each other or overly highlighting one more than the others.” – Goodreads review.

“They weren’t just bland characters – I could picture their movements, reactions, and expressions from the descriptions of them. It was interesting seeing the characters’ interactions and how they changed during the book, though most of the change happened closer to the end.” – Goodreads review.

Azimuth is available on a plethora of book buying platforms, all of which can be found here. This feels like a perfectly priced book and won’t be stretching our pennies.

Rennie St. James has a website to keep her fans up to date on new releases and upcoming events (plus a contact page if you’re a hardcore fan!)


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