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Djinn? What on earth are those? You’ve heard of them, honest. Just maybe not like this. Think Robin Williams in Aladdin and that magic lady dressed all in pink. Yup, Djinn are what Disney and the media at large refer to as Genies.

Derived from Islamic mythology, Djinn, or Genies are defined as a class of spirits that can appear as humans or animals to influence humankind to their own ends. While Genies are mostly portrayed as mischievous and looking to cause trouble, they can and do use their powers of influence and magic for good.


Genies are the epitome of limitation.

Djinn/Genies are known to have limitless powers, conjuring whatever springs to mind and are usually able to change the matter of things. The one thing most legends tend to agree with, is that Djinn aren’t able to remove the free will of humans, and must resort to persuasion to influence us mere mortals.

Despite their great power, Djinn are often confined to inanimate objects like lamps, vases and other antique curios, and are bound to the will of the person who releases them from their object. Destined to serve whoever releases them, all their power is bottle-necked into the wishes of one person, good or bad.


We need more Genies.

Maybe because Djinn/Genies weren’t born from western culture, they aren’t common in popular story lines (with the obvious exception of Aladdin). I for one am calling all authors to become inspired to write Genie-filled stories. We need more!

With so much power and mischievous tendencies, Genies are full of epic potential for novel-length stories. There simply aren’t enough of them!


The best Genies stay with us.

The iconic, late Robbin Williams played the most famous Genie there ever was; the Genie in the Disney film Aladdin. Comically over the top and possessing extraordinary powers, the Genie (appropriately named Genie) grants Aladdin three wishes with which to better his life. For 90s kids, this Genie was a cornerstone of our childhood, and we couldn’t stop watching.

Consider this an ode to the fantastic, late Robin Williams who brought Genies to life in a way that we will never forget. The legends of Genies will live on thanks to this incredible man.


Despite all the books I read, I have no Genie books to recommend! If you’ve read any good Genie books, let me know – I’d love to give them a read!


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