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You had to know this one was coming soon. Angels – the embodiment of all things good, pure, and wholesome. They watch over us, battle unseen evils, and occasionally tumble into the depths of hell on their off days.

What they look like? Like most supernatural creatures, it depends who you ask! But we can usually agree that Angels are humanoid, sometimes sporting big, feathery, white wings. Most of the time, they also have some seriously impressive abs – good news fitness buffs, apparently heaven comes with a free gym membership.

The most popular representation of Angels comes from mainstream Christianity: that’s abs, wings and white flowing robes. Did I mention they are usually absolutely beautiful, too? Not a blemish to be seen. Lucky ducks.

Angels’ powers can vary hugely, but generally they are considered very powerful in a religious context. Shape-shifting, travelling at the speed of light, communicate with God, and can manipulate light, matter and energy. That’s only half the story if we count their extra-sensitive senses and give off heavenly light that some believe can even change colour. I know who I’m inviting to my next disco.

Ever watched the TV series Supernatural and Charmed? Two awesome series – watch them if you haven’t, you’re missing out on life – that both feature Angels as good, healing and guiding spirits who help rid the world of evil. Always the side-kick, never the protagonist. Their pacifist, yet evil-smiting ways are essential to Sam, Dean and the Halliwell sisters getting out alive. They are useful creatures, but often with hearts of gold and their own piece of the fandom. (We love you Castiel!)

Angels are a fun addition to the supernatural world, and though they aren’t always heavenly, we love them.

Want some good Angel reads? I’ve got an epic one for you right here – The Huntress by Julie Hall is an incredible book which we have already reviewed here on The Secret Library. Spoiler alert – Fin gave it The Secret Library stamp of approval himself!

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