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#BookReview – Hoodwinked by Beth Hendrix


“In a dark and dangerous world, paranormals openly roam the streets, policed by a special office of Elite Paranormal Hunters. Gwen Taylor, is one of the best in the U.S. 

Until she becomes embroiled in a case that changes her life, forcing a drastic shift in her allegiance. A case that pairs her with four sexy partners she can’t seem to resist, despite the dangers. A case that pits her once-human nature against the monstrous urges she has developed. The same urges of those she puts away for a living.

Can she fight the growing attraction for her teammates? Will Gwen be able to balance the good and evil warring within her mind? Or will she embrace the darkness and become one of the creatures she’s hunted?”


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*Beware! Here be spoilers!*

Being a touch naive, after reading the blurb, it didn’t twig that this book was a reverse harem. Yup, I’m a gullible fool. I’ve been wanting to read a reverse harem for ages though, I’ve heard so much about them – I wanna know what all the fuss is about! Luckily, I got my chance with Hoodwinked.

Protagonist Gwen is a human working for a paranormal police force that aims to keep supernatural evil at bay. After finishing a case involving a particularly bloodthirsty vampire, Gwen is assigned to a case of several missing children across the country with four supernatural agents – who make her really horny.

The beginning promised a great read with action, high stakes and paranormal antics, but as soon as Gwen’s four new co-workers were introduced, the plot got pushed to the wayside. The bulk of the middle of Hoodwinked focused on Gwen either having sex with them or contemplating how hot they are, and the case is more or less forgotten until the end.

**Spoiler alert** One part of the book I found particularly cool is Gwen playing host to a demon and inheriting some awesome powers like teleportation, spawning fire and super strength. The demon in her head names herself Vita, but similarly, Vita is a dormant aspect of the plot. Refusing to answer any of Gwen’s questions, Vita only features in a bit-part towards the end of the book, and as the demon inhabiting Gwen, it feels as though she should have played a bigger role, or at least contributed to the plot in some way.

Hoodwinked could definitely use the help of an editor, as the tense changed from present to past quite a lot. As distractions go, this was the only major one and the rest of the book flowed quite well – definitely easy to read.

For me, the biggest problems were the book’s lack of imagery and a lacklustre ending. While the climax was fairly creative, the action scenes didn’t deliver and **spoiler alert** Gwen apparently dies after becoming a full demon, only to come back to life again for some reason. Having not received any CPR or magical remedies, I couldn’t fathom why Gwen came back to life, and it isn’t explained at all.

There were some parts of this book I enjoyed, but all in all, Hoodwinked isn’t a book I’d return to and I don’t think I’ll be carrying on the series.

Hoodwinked is available on Amazon if you want to have a read for yourself!


Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


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