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#BookReview – The Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge


“Strange world: creatures are more civilized than men.

Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story follows the adventures “The Slaughter Sisters.” Humans have become more monstrous than the legendary creatures the women are hired to seek out.

How is a monster hunter meant to survive?

“The Slaughter Sisters” are premier monster hunters in the North East, the only problem the legendary creatures are blending in with the human denizens of the world, while the human charlatans take their place. After a brush with the dreaded New Jersey devil, the sisters must flee their home of Yonkers, to escape the dreaded local matchmaker.

Fearing for their independence, they escape to New York City to search for any job available.

They uncover a series of disappearances around the notorious Five Points. Who is behind the missing people, monsters, or humans?

“The Slaughter Sisters” will discover who is behind it all!”


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A fantastic book cover strikes again! Bad-ass young women from the Victorian era take on the supernatural monsters of the United States in this urban fantasy novella, and let me tell you, it’s a super fun read. Book one in A Brandywine Mini Adventure, The Slaughter Sisters is the first of three books in an urban fantasy adventure, and I can’t wait to carry on reading!

Three orphaned sisters, Faith, Chastity and Grace, are professional monster-hunters. In pursuit of trolls, ogres and other-worldly creatures for a living, their paid work has been thin on the ground lately, and eldest sister Faith has resorted to seeking husbands for them to keep themselves afloat. Although, she begins to regret hiring their match-maker, Abigail, when she introduces her to Doctor Franklin Einstein.

In an effort to escape bonding with the good doctor, Faith chases up a new lead promising monsters to hunt in New York. The sisters soon discover that these monsters are not your ordinary trolls-under-the-bridge. Humans are being infected with a terrifying disease that transforms the recently deceased into green-eyed monsters, literally. Husbands on the back burner, the Slaughter sisters delve into the underbelly of New York’s supernatural world to find out how to stop this threat upon humanity.

The Slaughter Sisters takes absurd, makes it fun and utterly readable. While we follow Faith more closely than Chastity and Grace, the sisters’ chemistry and fun banter is a joy to read. Faith is a well-developed character, intelligent and witty, and takes the utmost responsibility for the family. But her sisters were less fleshed out and it at times it seemed as though they were just tagging along in Faith’s story.

The story is dynamic, interesting and at times off-the-wall, which makes for a really fun read. From the trolls selling sausages in Central Park, to a sinister laboratory in the warehouse district – complete with an alligator pit! I felt as though the supernatural world constructed here was not only diverse but complex, dealing a little in the politics between hunters and monsters, and the grey areas when they cooperate with each other.

Alldredge brings the world of 1899 New York to life seemingly with little effort, and I found it difficult to stop reading. The Slaughter Sisters is a super-smooth and super-entertaining read, taking the urban fantasy genre to different heights.

A few editorial errors did miss the mark in The Slaughter Sisters, with one or two words misused and grammatical errors. But this seems to be due to being overlooked during the editing process rather than a lack of editing entirely.

Last point to make: get this book. You will enjoy it!

The Slaughter Sisters, and its two sequels, Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes are available on Amazon in e-book and paperback formats.


Have you read this book? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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