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#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Bounty Hunters

Welcome back to supernatural jobs! Thank you for bearing with me. Last week I got a bit over-ambitious and tried to do a blog post and move house. Turns out that’s actually pretty hard. But we’re back! I’ve unpacked my books and Fin has unpacked his treasure chests – we’re ready to get back to work.

So what else do supernaturals do for work? How about a bounty hunter? When a vampire, a valkyrie or a witch breaks the law and goes on the run, who can we count on to bring them to face justice? Magical bounty hunters, raise your hands.

Armed with spells and talismans, magical county hunters are well-equipped to track down even the most elusive supernatural. Let’s face it, sometimes magic goes awry and supernaturals do bad things. Maybe they curse their neighbour or don’t pay their taxes – you gotta declare that income, people!

Whatever the crime, magical bounty hunters can track down the culprit.

OK, so with magic on hand, being a magical bounty hunter should be easy, right? Hell, no! Magical bounty hunters have to be far more knowledgeable than regular bounty hunters (no offense, human-folk.) They have to master several aspects of magic to be any good:

  • Tracking spells – you aren’t going to get far without knowing where your target is, right?
  • Magical traps – once you’ve found them, you’ve gotta catch them (all, amirite?) and to catch your targets, you’re going to need a little more than a rope-net booby trap.
  • Talismans – talismans? What the heck are those?

If you’re familiar with my magical world in The Witch’s Touch and Vox Saeth, you’ll know that talismans are a supernatural staple. They can heal, enhance powers, incapacitate and of course, as with any magic, they can hurt people too. But our magical bounty hunters are above such evil! They seek only to bring justice to the world. Well…most of them.

I haven’t yet written a magical bounty hunter, but it is high up there on my to-do list. These guys are highly skilled, wily and guaranteed to get into all kinds of magical shenanigans – the best kind!

I can safely say that if the job of magical bounty hunter was on the table, I’d be creating a resume so fictitious I could publish it in a quarterly e-zine. But then I’d have a kick-ass new job!

Is magical bounty hunter on your list of dream jobs? Or do you have something even more fantastical in mind?


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