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#Giveaway Alert!

*sirens wailing* *firefighters slide down the poles*

Giveaway alert, people!

So this one is mine (yay!) and it’s actually my first ever giveaway, so this is super exciting!

Let’s get to the important part: what’s up for grabs? So glad you asked. The prize is an e-book or paperback copy (depending on whether you are inside or outside the UK) of Magical Crime Scene Investigation. This urban fantasy anthology features my short story “Arm-in-Arm with Alchemy” and several other awesome short stories by some kick-ass authors.



Looks cool right? So how do you enter this awesome Christmas giveaway?

This giveaway is taking place on Facebook, so here’s what you do: go to the giveaway using this link and follow the instructions on the giveaway post. All it takes is a like, a share and a comment stating “Baby dragons rule!” – because they totally do. If Fin hears you say otherwise, he might cry. Would you make a baby dragon cry? ;(

Baby Fin transparent.png

I would be super grateful if you spread the word about this giveaway, because it’s always better to have lots of people involved.

So get in on this one, guys! I can’t wait to give this book away to a lucky winner!

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