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#BookReview – Deepest Midnight by Clara Winter


“True love never dies. 

For Millicent, a once French noblewoman turned immortal vampire, forever is a long time to live in despair. The love of her life is murdered the night she becomes immortal. Millicent spends her endless night in a melancholy which never ends. Two hundred forty years later, she locks eyes with an English actor, who happens to look exactly like her long dead love. 

Sadness turns to happiness as Millicent and Jack find passion in each other’s arms. Their fling quickly turns serious as Millicent finds happiness once again—and possibly her one true love.

However, their relationship becomes complicated by her own uncertainty, Jack’s mortality, and the other man in Millicent’s life, Alexandre, her maker and companion. When Alexandre puts his foot down, Millicent must decide if she’s going to continue to be led by others or take the reins and drive the outcome of her life.”


forty years ofmagnificence (27)



The first book in the Immortal Kindred series, Deepest Midnight is my first vampire read in a while, and I found it fairly entertaining. Sharing a theme with another book we reviewed: LarkspurDeepest Midnight takes on the theme of eternal love. Two souls separated in past lives to be reunited in their new ones, and this is what happens to Millicent and Jack.

In France in the 1700s, Millicent is married to her indifferent and continually disappointed husband, Charles. While she enjoys the high life as a member of the bourgeoisie, Millicent finds herself willing to throw it all away to engage in a thrilling love affair with Julian, an up and coming painter. Before long, Charles discovers their affair, and Julian is killed, leaving Millicent with no option but to run to Alexandre, the man who comes to her in her dreams and turns her into a vampire.

Millicent lives with Alexandre and her vampire-sister Annie in Savannah, USA and very little happens in their lives until a film crew arrives in town to shoot a movie. Alexandre is quick to invite the director and main cast over for dinner, including Jack, who is the spitting image of Millicent’s lost love, Julian.

A whirlwind romance, a murder and an investigation later, Millicent and Jack find themselves fighting again for their love, and their lives.

Millicent’s past life is drip-fed to us throughout the book in flashbacks and the back-story is awesome. The era is really interesting anyway, but the flashbacks were a welcome intermission between the events happening in modern times.

The crazy thing with this book though, was that Millicent seemed totally different in the past from now. OK, we definitely expect her to change in 250 years, but she doesn’t so much change as lose parts of herself. 1700s Millicent had a lust for life, she was daring and passionate, but modern day Millicent has lost all of that. I totally expect those aspects of her to lie dormant while she’s grieving, but even when Jack is introduced, Millicent feels like a cardboard cut-out of herself.

Three stars is the perfect rating for this book because it was entertaining, and the ending was quite a surprise (which I love in books), but I found myself underwhelmed by the action scenes. The characters, particularly Millicent, lack a lot of emotion, especially in some pretty shocking situations. **Semi-spoiler alert** when Millicent finds out how Julian really died, it seems like she isn’t at all shocked when she should be. The lack of appropriate reactions and emotional insight took away a lot of depth from the story and the characters.

Annie and Alexandre are great characters. Distinct, a little more fleshed out with emotion, and quirky in their own way. I would love to know the shenanigans Annie gets up to when she goes out on her adventures. Better, I’d love to go have a drink with Annie, she’s awesome!

Deepest Midnight is a good, casual read and has some really interesting elements, but can be a bit difficult to connect with. Still, it’s earned a solid three stars!

Deepest Midnight is available in e-book and paperback format on Amazon.


Have you read this book? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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