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#Magical #Jobs – Spell Artists

So what else do supernaturals do during the daily grind?

Talisman makers create our magical talismans and bounty hunters keep the supernatural evil-doers locked up where they belong. What crazy supernatural occupation do we have next? Spell-artist.

The hell is a spell-artist? Witches that replaced their magic wands with paintbrushes?

Spell-artists are the ultimate creatives of the supernatural world. Much like the scientists of the human world, spell-artists petition for funding for their research to discover the next brand new spells. Whether they be helpful, healing or downright dangerous.

Some of the best spells out there were created by spell-artists holed up in their alchemy labs. Truth spells, protection spells, memory spells and every other spell adorning the pages of magical Grimoires were once unravelled from their mysteries by spell-artists.


To be any good at what they do, spell-artists have to master the spells that already exist. That means knowing the properties of every crystal, every oil and every element used in pre-existing spells. They deal in solving life’s most difficult problems by providing magic spells and rituals to better the lives of supernaturals everywhere.

So if you’re a rich witch, or a valkyrie with some cash to splash, hire a spell-artist to pioneer the next revolutionary spell! Who knows? They might just name it after you.


Quick note to you guys: I love writing magical articles, but I especially love writing them if you love them. So let me know what you think about these little magic posts and what you’d like to see!


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