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#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Journalist

Journalists have questionable reputations. While some want to uncover the truth, others are after the dirty details no matter who gets caught in the crossfire. So the big question is, if they had access to magical powers what kind of hell could they unleash?

“Extra, extra! Valkyrie supermodel Olivia Brooks arrested for illegal resurrections!”

In the headlines this morning: Local MP David Davidson found guilty of brainwashing human constituents after a Fairy News investigation.”

Supernatural journalists have huge advantages over their human counterparts. With spells, rituals and (if they’re lucky enough) stealthy powers, they can get information humans could only dream of. But to really over-achieve and become the number one reporter, supernatural journalists need the help of several magical aids and rules.

Master the Stealth Spells

After centuries of magical experimentation, thieves, assassins and sneaks alike have conjured a collection of spells to help anyone get into places that are off-limits, undetected. The Subtlety Spell, Camouflage Spell and Invisibility Spell are crucial tools for journalists after the big scoop.

Better yet, if faced with an interviewee who isn’t being quite as truthful as they should, the Truth Spell will bring any lie to light. On the side, a Truth Spell is pretty useful for lying partners. If you’re planning to cheat, don’t date a supernatural journalist – it won’t stay a secret for long!


Stealthy Powers

In the magical world, you get what you’re given when it comes to personal powers – the powers you are born with. Nobody gets to choose, but if you’re landed with a useful power, you’re one of the lucky ones. Invisibility, camouflage and shape-shifting are the most coveted powers in the business of supernatural journalism. Without the need for a spell they can blend themselves into any situation to their advantage.

Journalists with the ultimate spells and powers at their disposal will have anyone with even an ounce of influence casting Shrouding spells around all their get-togethers.


Banned from writing about humans

Supernatural journalists work for supernatural news stations, none of which have a human following. Exposure to humans is a serious matter which the magical government takes very seriously. As such, any trifling in human affairs is forbidden and any journalist caught reporting on humans quickly has their licence stripped. They’ll never work in the business again.


Magic makes everything easier, but it also opens up crazy levels of opportunity, especially for supernatural journalists. They pity human journalists their magic-less lives but for a second before sneaking into an exclusive celebrity party to write all about the shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

And what a read that’ll make!


Quick note to you guys: I love writing magical articles, but I especially love writing them if you love them. So let me know what you think about these little magic posts and what you’d like to see.

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