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#BookReview – Corpus Delecti by Jade Black (MCIS Anthology)

Confession time.

This week I couldn’t finish reading the latest read in time for this week’s book review. Darn it all to Hades.

So for this week’s review we have an urban fantasy short story featured in the anthology “Magical Crime Scene Investigation” – Corpus Delecti by Jade Black.


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Four Stars!

Who’s driving this thing?

A necromancer known only as Ms. Parker, and it seems like she really knows what she’s doing. Raising recently dead Tony Brooks is a walk in the park for Ms. Parker (no pun intended), in an attempt to help gain evidence against a magical artifacts smuggler. More than happy to donate her blood and flesh to the cause, Ms. Parker is a professional necromancer through and through.

What’s all this about?

Tony Brooks was well in with Shane West, and they both smuggled Native American artifacts for hefty profits. Despite this, Brooks was more than happy to offer to testify against West at his trial, but died of a heart attack a month before he was due.

In the presence of a judge, Tony Brooks is temporarily brought back from the dead in the form of a zombie to give evidence against West. From what Ms. Parker tells us, this is highly unusual and may be the catalyst to allowing zombies to testify in future trials.

As a resurrected husk of a human, Brooks is a model citizen and Ms. Parker is positive she can give the judge everything they need to send Shane West down.

What’s so good about it?

The premise is amazing. A necromancer in the courtroom raising a zombie was a crazy awesome hook that had me eager to read on.

The story has a subtle dark humour about it, and is fleshed out enough that the supernatural world behind this story has clearly been well constructed. As such, it’s pretty immersive!

What’s “meh” about it?

I was kinda hoping for a little more excitement. Tony Brooks gives his evidence, no question, but it’s not the most thrilling conclusion. After identifying a few bowls as smuggled items and admitting to stealing some petroglyphs, Tony Brooks is returned to his dead state without much fanfare. There was way more potential to this story than was capitalised on.


Should I get it?

Oh yeah – and not just because my story is in it – honest!

Magical Crime Scene Investigation is available on Amazon in e-book format and will soon be available in paperback and hardback format too. FYI hardback is limited edition!


Thank you for reading this review – drop me a comment if you want to chat!

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