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#Magical #Jobs – Exposure Protection Agents

Once upon a time, humans knew all about magic, both fearing and respecting supernatural creatures (depending on how smart they were.) They left favours for fairies on their windowsills and hid silver bullets in their sock drawers to prepare for the next full moon.

The thing about magic is that it’s intimidating to those who can’t wield it. Wouldn’t you worry about landing a curse if you couldn’t magically defend yourself? For that reason, and several others, the supernatural world collectively decided to boot humans out of the magic club. Ever since, magic is kept strictly under the radar.

So who ensures magic stays a supernatural secret? The Exposure Prevention Agents.


EPAs Have the Toughest Jobs

There’s a whole world of supernaturals out there casting spells and using their powers in their day to day lives and not all of them are that concerned about who sees them. Aren’t most humans just going to think they’re kooks anyway? Well, EPAs are paid not to take that chance.

EPAs drop in on covens, sometimes unexpectedly, to ensure that security measures are met. But way more importantly, they respond immediately to anonymous tips of reckless magic use in front of humans. As well as arresting offenders, EPAs are charged with gathering evidence to convict the suspect, and cleaning up any messes left behind. i.e. erasing the memories of human witnesses with spells and rituals.

Time to light those candles, gather some crystals and strip naked under the full moon. (Just kidding…or am I?)


EPAs can be bribed, tho.

Human and supernatural lives are always going to overlap, but some supernaturals find there is much profit to be had in dealings with humans. When promised more power and influence with the aid of magic, humans and supernaturals can form business relationships that benefit them both. Naturally, they can’t have the government finding out.

EPAs are known to sometimes look the other way when it comes to human-supernatural business dealings. You just gotta have the money to keep them quiet.

Some of the richest humans out there know all about magic, and use it in their day to day lives. The ones that stay rich are the ones who know to keep quiet about this magical secret.


EPAs need licences

Practicing magic doesn’t require a licence, but practicing in front of humans legally absolutely does. Given, the only spells they would cast in front of humans are the spells that erase their memories. But this is serious business, people. You want to be an EPA, you’ve gotta deal with the red tape.

Who knows what could happen if humans found out about magic? It could mean war, or a society steeped in yet more prejudice. Thank goodness for Exposure Prevention Agents!


Quick note to you guys: I love writing magical articles, but I especially love writing them if you love them. So let me know what you think about these little magic posts and what you’d like to see.

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