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#Magical #Jobs – Grimoire Printer

Without books, where would we be? Bored, lifeless and probably drunk. Daily.

In the real world, we need books – and therefore publishers and printers – to escape the monotony of day to day life. Because we sure as heck don’t need them to research things anymore. Thank you Wikipedia.

But the magical world needs printers too. Probably for their novels too, but most importantly, for their magic.

Grimoire Printers print magical books

Grimoires are a supernatural’s best friend. In Grimoires we can collect all the spells, potions and rituals passed down from our ancestors, and add the ones we create ourselves.

After a hard day at work in which that evil boss decided we would be working this bank holiday, we run to our magic books and find a spell to have them throwing up frogs. Or maybe just to cut the electrics for that particular Monday.

Grimoire printing is a centuries old tradition

Witches, Valkyries, Angels and the like have relied on their magic books for centuries. Memorising all those spells and rituals is no easy task, and anyone could find themselves mixing up ingredients by accident, like jasmine oil and jelly. What? You’ve never put jelly in your potions before? You haven’t lived.

So, to keep from turning ourselves invisible instead of invincible (though both would be cool, right?), we need a Grimoire to keep all our spells in. Leather bound books filled to the brim with everything a magical person needs to get by in life.

Grimoire printing is dying out

While having a Grimoire is a traditional practice, let’s face it, we all have the internet. Online, we can all share our latest spells and potion recipes and get new ones from others. So, there isn’t as much need for Grimoire printers as there used to be.

But let’s be honest, we can’t say no to beautiful books, especially ones with spells in. We will always need Grimoire printers, so let’s keep this tradition going!


Quick note to you guys: I love writing magical articles, but I especially love writing them if you love them. So let me know what you think about these little magic posts and what you’d like to see.

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