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#Magical #Jobs -Vampire Hunter

Do professions get any more old school than this?

Vampire hunters already have their own image: the Van Helsing type in a kick-ass hat and a trench-coat stuffed with stakes and silver bullets. Just in case werewolves, y’know?

But there’s more to being a vampire hunter than waiting until the sun sets and sneaking into a seriously haunted/cursed castle to ransack coffins. Especially when any sane person would actually sneak in during the day.


Vampire hunters need to be quick.

Vampire hunters seem to have one major thing in common in movies. Spoiler alert, it’s not vampire hunting. It’s leather.

Apparently leather is like a vampire hunter staple, but it’s such a clunky material and vampires are fast. Let’s face it, vampire hunters are more likely to wear spandex. They need to move quickly if they’re going to avoid getting bitten.

If they’re going to live, vampire hunters need to be small, fast and wearing very little. So, the exact opposite of Hugh Jackman in most of the Van Helsing film. (We still love you Hugh Jackman, never stop acting.)


Vampire hunters are super trackers.

If you’re a regular hunter, your targets are pretty obvious. If it’s not human, you can kill it. Vampires are way more tricky, because they look just like you (yes, you!)

The best vampire hunters can tell a vampire from a human just by looking. Spoiler alert, they don’t sparkle. That’d be way too easy. Super pale, super fast and sucking the life out of someone in a dark alley (yeah, I know how that sounds) are the biggest indicators and two of those just describe authors high on caffeine.

Don’t diss a vampire hunter next time you meet one, their job is tough!


Vampire hunters have the best arsenals.

If a vampire hunter got pulled over by the cops, they would have some serious questions to answer.

“Sir, care to explain why you have a briefcase full of sticks?” and “Is this water holy?”

But vampire hunters don’t just have these medieval weapons at their disposal. If they’re really serious about survival, vampire hunters will arms themselves to the teeth with talismans, athames (ceremonial knives) and potions. Potions to put those meddling police officers to sleep for an hour or two.

To incapacitate, kill or remove a vampire from existence entirely, a vampire hunter needs these magical items at their disposal.


Vampire hunting isn’t a glamorous occupation, but it’s an important one. When we’re stumbling home from late night partying and exploring graveyards with our friends for a dare, the vampire hunter will be there. Watching, and secretly judging our life choices. Yeah, they’re not above that.


Quick note to you guys: I love writing magical articles, but I especially love writing them if you love them. So let me know what you think about these little magic posts and what you’d like to see.



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