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#BookReview – A Hunter Within by Anna Applegate


“When Research Scientist Jules Parker lands an internship at the most prestigious pharmaceutical company in the country, Falcone Industries, it’s not what she’d hoped. After all, there’s hardly a fine line between taking a volunteer and shackling someone down before injecting poison into their body. 

As she attempts to uncover the truth, she finds her own life in danger. Until Seeley Ronan, vampire king, saves her life, introducing a strange and powerful connection between the two of them. He’s sexy, dangerous, and a major distraction…and reveals Falcone is run by rogue hunters who are harming innocent vampires in a quest for power. 

Desperate to protect his people, Seeley needs Jules’ help. But that means she’ll have to turn her back on the only path she’s ever known. She’s in way over her head, her world is about to change in a big way, and none of them could possibly be prepared for what comes next.”

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Four stars!

Who’s driving this thing?

Jules Parker. Part Ravenclaw, part Slytherin: intelligent, dedicated and ambitious. After her scientist parents died in a car accident when she was small, Jules became determined to reach the same academic heights they did. Her lifelong dream is finally realised when she is accepted into an internship at Falcone Industries while she finishes school. With a close group of friends at her back and a devoted aunt, her life is going exactly as she planned.

Jules is as realistic as they come. Wrapped up in reaching her goals and working hard, the supernatural shenanigans take her by surprise. It’s her naivete about the supernatural that gives her an element of being one of us and we can really join her both in terms of the story and emotionally. But in truth, there are loads of things that make us feel that we could easily be Jules: she works hard and sometimes forgets to really spend time with her friends and aunt, and always feels a deep need to make up for it.

She isn’t overly dramatic, doesn’t victimise herself and takes risks only when it’s necessary or logical. Forget the damsel in distress trying to throw herself into danger (for attention and/or forced drama, let’s face it), Jules has her head squarely on her shoulders and we can’t help but love her.


What’s this all about?

Falcone Industries are up to something sinister. When Jules accidentally walks in on a trial with a “human” test subject, she begins to doubt everything she knows about Falcone. When the enraged test subject escapes from the facility, Jules is twice cornered by him and twice saved by the mysterious Seeley Ronan, who she instantly begins to fall for.

After weeks of hard work, Jules catches the eye of Falcone’s CEO who involves her in the company’s most top-secret work. Furthering her career at Falcone and her growing involvement with Seeley makes one thing clear to Jules: the world isn’t what she thought it was. Vampires are real and Seeley is officially the king of the North American vampires.

Drawn to each other, Seeley and Jules begin a tentative but electric relationship, much to the disapproval of his fellow vampires and Jules’ best friend Henry.

The deeper Jules gets into Falcone’s activities, the more she realises that Marissa, the woman she has looked up to her whole life, has sinister intentions for vampires everywhere. Little does she know that even her safety is on the line, and that her true identity, and the true facts surrounding her parents’ death will soon be revealed.


What’s so great about it?

The story is a great paranormal romance packed with action. I’m a huge fan of the genetics company pursuing supernatural research for sinister purposes and there aren’t enough of these stories out there right now! (IMO).

The characters have unique, compelling qualities. Jules is awesome, as I’ve already mentioned. But Marissa takes the top prize in this book. She is an unsettling main villain, both super intelligent and somewhat unhinged – she really left an impression.

Heartwarming relationships. In paranormal romances, the protagonist is usually a misunderstood loner who finds her purpose in love. Jules has made her life what it is, and has really close relationships with her aunt and her friends. It’s really refreshing for the main character to have a good support system and such huge aspirations.

What’s not so great about it?

Two things:

  • The imagery could do with building on. While the characters and their interactions were vivid, the settings and backgrounds weren’t fleshed out enough for me to construct a full picture. My brain had to resort to stock footage from time to time to keep the image together.
  • The cliches. Tropes are great, and there were plenty in A Hunter Within, but the dialogue was often riddled with cliches that are, in my opinion, past their sell by date.


Should I get it?

If you like paranormal romance. urban fantasy and supernatural shenanigans, I recommend this one!

A Hunter Within is available in e-book format only, but the price is a good one for what you get.


Thanks for reading this review! Have you read this book? Let me know what you think!

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