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#BookReview – Flower Shields by C.A. King


“Meet the four horsemen: Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael.

For centuries their sole purpose has been guarding the sealed gates to hell. Without keys, there was never any real threat. That was about to change…

Michael couldn’t care less about the love story behind how and why the world was created. In fact, nothing matters to him other than keeping the gates to hell closed. If one of the lost keys ever fell into the wrong hands, all humanity would be doomed. He’s not going to let that happen – at any cost.

Tara’s life is nothing short of a disaster. She’s managed to flunk out of college with about the same amount of dignity as every relationship she’s been in. The only constant in her life has been her love for flowers. When she’s attacked at work, a stranger comes to her aid. Michael might be good-looking, but he’s also arrogant, bossy and crazy. He’s also her only chance to figure out who attacked her and why. Should she follow her heart and trust him – or listen to her head and run?

When a demonic ritual comes into play, it exposes both of their vulnerabilities, leaving them with a choice – work together or parish alone.”

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Three stars!

Who’s driving this thing?

Tara. An unemployed college drop-out who is feeling the pressure of living off her parents. Downtrodden and living in the shadow of her parents who own a funeral parlour and are well-known in the community, Tara spends her days wandering about town and circling job ads in the search of employment.

Tara struck me as quite an antsy character who reacts strongly to any possibility of danger, and has lived a quiet life so far. She has a real affinity for flowers that overlaps with a magic that she hasn’t learned to tap into yet. All in all, she’s a quiet young lady with little desire to deviate from the norm, although she did get into a stranger’s car and let him drive her home.

What’s all this about?

The gate of hell is under threat and Tara finds herself dragged into a centuries old conflict between demons and demigods fighting over the keys to the ancient portal. When demons attack Tara at her new job at Mrs Filmore’s florist shop, Michael, a demigod and one of the four horsemen who guard the gate, comes to her rescue.

As demons continue to pursue Tara, despite the protection of Michael and the four horsemen, a closely guarded family secret is uncovered. A descendant of the God Nakamire, Tara is an important element in finding the keys to the gate, and has become the focus of an old friend and new enemy of the four horsemen.

As Michael fights to keep Tara out of his old friend’s hands, the two of them grow closer. Despite their clash of personalities, Tara and Michael still find themselves falling for each other.


What’s so great about it?

Flower Shields is a pretty well written book. The style is nice, and the plot is awesome. The fate of the world hanging by one supernatural thread never fails to draw me in, and with demons and demigods thrown into the mix, this made for a cool book.

There are some great characters. Tara wasn’t the best character, in fact I reckon Gabby was my favourite. Witty, intelligent and confident, I would have loved to see more of her. Also, go-getting and no-nonsense Michael was a great character to follow, especially because he speaks his mind and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

What’s not so great about it?

A few fairly major things jarred with me in this book:

  • **Spoiler alert** Tara’s parents die halfway through the book as a result of a demon attack, but we never meet them so it’s hard to feel anything close to what Tara is feeling. In addition, Tara seems to move on from the death of her parents very quickly and is soon preoccupied with her romance with Michael.
  • While we’re on the subject, Tara and Michael drive each other mad for the first half of the book, and then without much bonding, they are apparently in love with each other. The romance feels quite forced, as they don’t develop feelings for each other through interacting with each other or even through the things they experience together.

Should I get it?

Flower Shields is a good, casual read but not one I could fall in love with. If you’re looking to fall hard for your next urban fantasy book, this might not be the book for you. But, each to their own, and you might fall like crazy for this book.

Flower Shields is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format.

Thanks for reading this review! Have you read this book? Let me know what you think!

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