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My Top 6 Authors of 2018

This was going to be a top 5 list, but I’ve read so many fantastic indie authors this year that I had to make it 6. The indie publishing world is chock full of talent and I’m so lucky to have read their work this past year. A big thank you to Priyasha who has an awesome book blog to check out and inspired me to create this list!

All the authors on this list earned a four or five star rating for one of their books on The Secret Library during 2018 and have turned me into a lifelong fan. If you’re looking for for a new author to obsess over this year, I highly recommend these guys:


Nya Jade

Author of “The Year of Four”, Nya Jade’s superpowers lie in creating a really unique and immersive magical world. In a seemingly effortless way, Jade brings us to a magical school that smashes all the Hogwarts-style stereotypes and offers a fresh, new take on urban fantasy schooling.

Jade writes well, offers us unique and lovable characters and discards all the cringe from romance in her magical realm. If you read one magic school book in 2019, let it be “The Year of Four.”

Check out The Secret Library review of The Year of Four here.


Greg Alldredge

Mixing history with magic is this guy’s forte. Set in the USA in the Victorian era, “The Slaughter Sisters” was the book I had the pleasure of reading last year. Three kick-ass females who accidentally end up on the trail of un-dead creatures haunting the shadows of New York. Alldredge has a knack for the genre and for creating suspense and weaving a mystery that keeps us guessing.

Alldredge has a great style that adds the gruesome and the unfamiliar to the historical urban fantasy genre. With an understanding of character introspection that was impressive to say the least, this author has a great collection of books to read that I can only imagine are as good as “The Slaughter Sisters.”

Check out The Secret Library review of The Slaughter Sisters here.


V.M. Jaskiernia

Necromancy takes a dark and romantic turn in V.M. Jaskiernia’s “Larkspur”, a short story that packs more power than most novels can hope to. Jaskiernia depicts the physical and emotional struggles of manipulating the fine line of death in an incredibly well-written and gritty tale.

This author has a great talent for drawing uncomfortable but enticing feelings out of the reader, and a real knack for creating page-turners. If you’re looking for some dark, well-written reads, pick up a book by this author and prepare yourself for the feels.

Check out The Secret Library review of Larkspur here.



Andrew Hastie

Time travel has never been done quite like this. Last year, I read “The Anachronist” by Andrew Hastie and while I was already a fan of time travel, this author makes it his own. Hastie brings every character to life so well it feels as though you could bump into them at the pub. He manages to turn a well-meaning but troubled teenager into a real hero, and maintain an air of mystery around his eccentric mentor. But better yet, Hastie does away with the trope of an overly-intelligent but standoffish female love interest and instead makes her super-intelligent, strong and empathetic.

The technology behind Hastie’s time travel is complex and filled with a rich history. The world of “The Anachronist” is open-ended, with multiple possible timelines. The elements of magic make Hastie’s world burst with life and vitality that create an incredibly vivid picture for us readers. For some really mind-blowing time-travel adventures, Andrew Hastie is your man.

Check out The Secret Library review of The Anachronist here.


Emma Hamm

This lady is the queen of fairytale re-tellings. Her book “Heart of the Fae” re-tells the story of Beauty and the Beast in a fantastical, Irish inspired world. Hamm creates a fantastic and morbid disease that drives her determined female protagonist towards her adventure. Embellishing the world of the fae into a vibrant, colourful and magic-filled place, Hamm has a great talent for world building. She showcases both the wholesome side of the fae and the evil and creepy, it is impossible not to get sucked into her stories.

The characters she creates are closely associated with the characters in the original but with much richer back stories and more complex (and badass) personalities. Hamm writes many, many, many fairytale re-tellings and not only do they have amazing covers, but she writes them like a pro. Forget the originals, just read these!

Check out The Secret Library review of Heart of the Fae here.


Julia Hall

Finally, we have Julia Hall, who writes amazing afterlife adventures. This woman can grab our hearts and squeeze, the feels she can write into her books are unreal. In her book “Huntress”, Hall presents heaven as not only a place for the dead to dwell, but a preparation ground for battling demons.

Hall creates great worlds, plot twists and characters we want to root for, but her greatest talent lies in making us cry. Presenting bereavement and mourning in a way that has us dealing with the characters’ grief too, and boy, does it hurt. This author is one to read, y’all!

Check out The Secret Library review of Huntress here.


If you’re in between magical reads right now, consider one of these authors because they have blown my mind this past year!



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