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If Magic was Real: Our Favourite Spells

Last week we wondered whether we would really enjoy magic if it was real. So, what if magical was really real? Even with the new problems we’d have, like curses and exploding potions, we would still be over the moon to have access to magic. Don’t act like we don’t try to magically move the TV remote with our minds. If magic suddenly became real, we’d be the first to know.

So, what would our favourite spells be? It’s kind of like asking what super powers we’d want if we had the choice. What’s the most important problem in our lives that we want solved? If magic was real today, these are the first kick-ass spells I’d cast.


Truth Spell

This is the perfect spell to find out what my husband really thinks of my novels. And where he hides the cookies. An author’s gotta snack.

Wouldn’t this be cool, though? We need never wonder if someone is lying to us ever again. We wouldn’t need criminal trials and we would never need wonder if that cute guy we asked out really was busy on Friday night.

After the fun stuff is over, things might get sticky really quickly, though.  We all have things we’d rather keep secret and we don’t want to unexpectedly confess to peeing our pants in public over Thanksgiving dinner. So maybe it’s best to reserve this spell for real emergencies.

But when it comes to finding out who had the TV remote last, I think we can make an exception.


Past Life Spell

This spell is, hands down, my favourite. Discovering who we were in our past lives might be a little scary, but we are readers and we love stories. What better stories are there than our own past adventures that we no longer remember?

OK, so maybe we were impoverished farmers or vicars in a serial killer-free city (forgot the gravelly, late-night revelations in the confession booth from your main antagonist). But there’s still a big chance we were druids, or royalty in a magical palace. Even if we experienced a few particularly sticky deaths, we surly have some amazing stories in our pasts.


Language Spell

Never spend any money on phrasebooks again. We have a spell for that!

Wherever we want to go, with the help of a language spell we can order a beer and a bar of chocolate without worrying about offending someone. Say “mother” in the wrong tone in Mandarin and you’ll accidentally call her a horse. These things happen. A lot.

With a spell like this, the only embarrassment we are likely to cause ourselves will be a result of falling up stairs or into the swimming pool fully clothed.


Magic might be scary in the wrong hands, but in ours it is nothing but harmless fun and a series of hilarious magical mishaps. What’s the magical equivalent of falling up stairs?



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