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If Magic Was Real: Our Favourite Potions

Magic is multi-dimensional and spells always seem to take centre stage. Brandishing a magic wand and shouting some long forgotten Latin word has the flair we expect of being a kick-ass witch or wizard. Especially when Hermione makes it look so cool. Makes us wanna stupefy a Death Eater.

With such cool spells, potions sometimes get pushed to the sidelines. After all, don’t we make our own potions on a daily basis? That magic brew we take in the mornings to wake ourselves up, and and the supernatural concoction we drink at the bar to boost our self-confidence. (Or forget all our troubles if we drink enough.)

But magic potions have way more scope than our pitiful human concoctions – yes, they kick more butt than coffee! So what could we get away with if we had access to a cauldron and a few eyes of newt?



Oh yeah, that’s what we want to hear.

We can’t handle socialising today, but we still need to attend that lecture. Or maybe we fancy robbing a bank, Robin Hood style.

Some days, we really need to slip an invisibility potion into our morning juice, or even take a full hip flask out with us. Because there is every chance we fall on our faces in front of everyone, or spill our coffee all down ourselves. Don’t even get me started on walking into lampposts while checking Facebook. Who doesn’t want to disappear when that happens?

Invisibility potions are tempting, but let’s not forget that we need to be seen, for the sake of our self-esteem and personal growth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t disappear to get out of chores and curl up with a book once in a while.




These potions are only temporary and they all wear off eventually. But for a few kick-ass hours we can jump off a building and do a superhero landing in front of an adoring crowd. Maybe we eat our own body weight in chocolate or bash our heads against the wall at work without getting a hemorrhage.

This nifty little potion can give us all we need to be fearless when going about our days. Worrying about getting hit by buses or crushed by falling pianos is a thing of the past. (What, you’ve never worried about falling pianos? Look up!)

But don’t forget, these potions wear off, so don’t jump into the tiger exhibit unless you’re sure magic has you covered.


Good Luck 

Luck isn’t a thing, it’s your attitude, right? Nope, and we’ve got a potion for that!

No-one told us life was going to be this way. It hasn’t been our day, our week, our month or even our year. (Sing with me! I’ll be there for yoooooou!)

*ahem*. Anyway, we’re always wishing for good luck when we get up in the morning. For our job interviews, our exams or that important meeting. Is there really any downside to having everything going our way? Doubt it!

Let’s have everything going our way for a little while and really enjoy the high life until our good luck potion wears off. Don’t we all deserve it once in a while?


Potions are subtle. Slip them into our drinks and nobody knows we have just changed our lives for the better when we down our water. We’re just super keen on staying hydrated, right? Let’s not let potions slip under our radar, they can do things some amazing things that spells just can’t.




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