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If Magic was Real: Spellbooks

I take my notebook collection very seriously. They have their own shelves, they must not be looked at, and if there is so much as an ink smudge out of place, my heart breaks. (How could I have been so careless?) Yet, I know people who bend the ears of the pages, colour outside the lines and don’t spend hours carefully inking in every word. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

But the way we treat our notebooks is a great indicator of what our spell books would look like if we were practicing magic. We’ve all seen the stereotypical (and totally epic) leather-bound, embossed spell books from TV shows like Charmed and Supernatural and we would be mad not to want them.



Leather-bound or ASDA price?

There’s probably a sex joke in there somewhere, I’ll let you figure out a good one.

Do our spells need to be kept in such luxury as an embossed leather book, or will a 49p scribble pad from the corner shop do? They index the same and we read them the same. Do we want to the grandeur of something pleasing to the eye or are we worried that we will get potion stains on our incredibly expensive spell book?

If the latter is a big concern, maybe just pop to the shop and get something cheap. *sob* Even if it’s just not the same!


Calligraphy or scribbles?

The only time I will resort to scribbles is if my toast has popped and I’m halfway through a sentence. Or the bath is about to overflow. Clock’s a-tickin’.

Calligraphy looks amazing, and it looks super hard to do, but our spells would look delicious in wonderful, swirly text. But isn’t it just as hard to read as rushed scribbles? If you’ve seen any episode of Charmed, you will know that yes, it totally is. But does it look amazing? Hells yeah!


Magic spell protection or a good ol’ fashioned lock?

Remember those little diaries we had as kids? The plastic covered two sheets of paper held together with a flimsy lock and a key that broke off after the fifth use? How cool were they?

One way or the other, we don’t want anyone snooping through our spell books. We spent ages on that hair-removal spell and we don’t want to share.

So, do we splash out on a nice chunky lock for our spell book, or do we protect it with the magic it holds?

You know what? Let’s do both. Say to hello to the world’s first magic padlock.




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