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Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

For some inexplicable reason, I had the urge to watch Twilight: Eclipse the other night. A fit of madness coupled with a glass of wine or two apparently takes me to the vampire zone. I watched, wondered how I could ever have thought it was good, and then trawled through Netflix looking for better supernatural TV.

That’s when I rediscovered The Vampire Diaries. I managed to finish the first book during university, but it didn’t speak to me. I couldn’t relate to the characters, who were neck deep in stereotypical high school popularity and acted as such. So when the TV series came out, I was pleasantly surprised. Besides the action, mystery and romance, the characters developed a lot and right from the first episode were no longer “running the school their way.”

The last few months I’ve been occupied with Friends and Rick and Morty, and it’s great to get back into some supernatural TV and watch some modern takes on magic as well as indulging in some nostalgia from my teen years. We’ve all heard good things about The Umbrella Academy, right?

So, keep an eye out. As well as urban fantasy and magic realism books, I’ll be recommending the best urban fantasy, fantasy and supernatural TV shows and movies in my Sunday posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some cool, magical shows you’ve never heard of!



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