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March’s Reading Catch-up

March has been a great month for books, I haven’t read any bad ones. Score!

In fact, March was an unusual month because I actually read a non-fiction book about magic. A rare thing indeed, but Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak was a really interesting look into how the Ancient Greeks and Romans looked at the world and how integrated magic was into it.

This has definitely been a time for finding new authors, some who are just starting out like C.C. Solomon and a few who are pretty well established in the indie publishing world, such as K.G. Reuss and Dannika Dark.

It has to be said that the quality of covers in self-publishing are getting really good. Mystic Dawn was definitely my favourite, dystopian-magic crossover and one of the few books out there right now with a black, female protagonist. My mission for April is to find some books with a bit more diversity and not just protagonists or antagonists but full casts.

I’ve already started April with the Necromancer box set by M.R. Forbes which is a mega collection of urban fantasy novels but I’ll be lucky to get through the whole thing by the end of April so I’ll be switching it up with some other books through the month.

As ever, I’m open to recommendations and suggestions, so if you’ve just read something magical you’d love to share, chuck it my way. I’d love to read what you’re reading.

Here’s to a book-filled April!

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