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A Magical Movie Rant

This weekend, I introduced a friend to Studio Ghibli. Yes, for shame, I know someone who hasn’t heard of Studio Ghibli, what is happening to this world? The super-artistic, abstract films of the surprisingly progressive Studio Ghibli has had me since their super-popular movie Spirited Away went cult.

I decided to ease her in to the Ghibli world with something not completely off-the-wall, so we watched Kiki’s Delivery Service. Because Netflix apparently can shoulder the shame of not showing The Secret World of Arrietty. (What’s wrong with you Netflix? First you axe Charmed, and now this?)


After a continuous binge of some super-dark vampire TV, it was nice a nice change to have some light-hearted supernatural entertainment. It’s easy to forget that such things exist after all the dark magic on TV. Dark and gritty is just trendy right now.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is just the movie for some feel-good after a hard day. An starry-eyed, happy-go-lucky teenage witch goes on a journey to make a magical life for herself in a perfectly human town. They welcome her with open arms, even if she does crash her broom sometimes/a lot.

So, based on this week’s magical diet, I am recommending some light-hearted crazy – go Ghibli! If you’re familiar with the movies, go binge. If you’re new to Ghibli (which I refuse to believe by the way) I recommend The Secret World of Arrietty (my favourite – the soundtrack is AMAZING) or The Cat Returns. Both are freaking awesome.

Once you go Ghibli, you’ll never go back!



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