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3 Kick-Ass Magical Reads for Gryffindors

Don’t tell me you don’t know what your Hogwarts house is, that’s impossible. Literally impossible. Everyone knows their Hogwarts house, right?

(If you really don’t know, you can find out here. I won’t tell anyone, I promise!)

We’re not just Hogwarts fans, we are wannabe students and there is no cooler school to learn magic. (And no cooler house than Ravenclaw, am I right my witches?) Gryffindors value courage and brave, Ravenclaws favour wisdom and learning, Hufflepuffs, friendship and kindness and Slytherins, ambition and cunning. While very different, we have one crucial thing in common: we love reading.

And we love our houses too, so in the spirit of house pride I am going to recommend reads for every Hogwarts house and we are starting with the obvious: the brave and heroic Gryffindors!


The Watcher of the Night Sky by Rachel Pudsey

Gryffindors love adventure on any scale, and there’s no bigger adventure than leaving home with your best friend and a collection of cursed men who profess to love you, all just to discover who you really are.

Abigail Crumble is a Gryffindor without a doubt, throwing herself into the dangerous and mystical unknown for answers to her heritage and to right the wrongs of a night goddess who still holds a grudge against the people in her past. This fantastical adventure is perfectly suited to the courageous young witch or wizard looking for an adrenaline rush.

Check out The Secret Library book review for The Watcher of the Night Sky here.

Amazon buy link is right here.



Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge

The lady Gryffindors in the room will especially enjoy this one. Three sisters, eager to sustain their monster-hunting lifestyle without the need to marry in 1800s USA. When an impromptu mission to New York reveals a magical epidemic which is consuming the city, the Slaughter Sisters feel honour-bound to investigate.

A magical disease, supernatural creatures hiding in the shadows and three kick-ass young women determined to get the bottom of the magical mystery. This book is a Gryffindor’s cup of tea and accompanying cupcake.

Check out The Secret Library book review for Slaughter Sisters here.

In case you wanna pop over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy.



Anachronist by Andrew Hastie

If fantastical or historical adventures aren’t your thing, maybe a juice time-travel adventure will get your pages turning.

A young man in dire-straits tries to avoid the long arm of the London law while tending to his ailing mother accidentally becomes a time-traveller. After inadvertently arriving naked during a critical moment of World War 2, Joshua Jones joins the ranks of the time-travelling organisation, The Order. Finding adventures in the times of Ancient Greece and revolutionary France, Josh can’t avoid his troubles also happening in the present.

Entirely reckless and ready to dive in head-first, this is a leading man made for Gryffindors.

Check out The Secret Library book review for Anachronist here.

I get the feeling you wanna get this book, so here’s the link!


Gryffindors – tell me how you get on with your tailor-made magical reading list. I really hope you get the chance to enjoy them, they are straight-up awesome books. Enjoy!



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