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One Library Card is Not Enough

In case you didn’t catch me screaming it from the rooftops last year, I live in London, UK. It’s not the biggest city I’ve ever lived in, but it’s pretty huge. It still takes me an hour and a half to get to work when Crystal Palace FC are playing at home.

London is broken up into boroughs, and for the typical avid reader this is a huge pain in the a**. You can’t use the same library card for every borough *sob*. FYI, that is 32 separate library cards if you want to be able to check a book out everywhere in London. Someone hand me a mega wallet, ‘cos I need space, y’all.

So while searching for one of those purses you can fit your chihuahua in for my library of library cards, I needed something to watch. In the end, I settled on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch remake. Loved the original and giving this new series a dark, gritty edge sounds amazing.

I only watched one episode – turns out chihuahua purses are still all the rage – and can’t deny, I’m already hooked. A talented as hell leading lady and a critical choice for her to make: choosing her magical or human life. Don’t you just love those stakes?

The old Sabrina used to experience a lot of shenanigans in the name of comedy and I can’t wait to see what new Sabrina will get up to in the name of dark entertainment.

It’s a big jump from light-hearted comedy to the dark underbelly of magic but from the look of episode one, it’s going to be an amazing new series.

Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of the new Sabrina? I’m not opposed to spoilers. Also, any labrador-sized purse recommendations would be hugely appreciated.



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