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3 Kick-Ass Magical Reads for Hufflepuffs

Hufflepuffs got a bad rep from the moment Hagrid called them “duffers” in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Not cool, Hagrid. Not cool.

My favourite Hufflepuff fact is still that the French word for Hufflepuff is “Poufsouffle.” I kid you not. Google Translate it and learn the truth!

Reading is almost an innate Hufflepuff hobby, like Ravenclaws, but they read for totally different reasons. Hufflepuffs just want to enjoy a good book in front of the fire with teacakes, hot cocoa and a fluffy blanket. So Hufflepuffs, here are a few awesome urban fantasy books that deserve to go on your to-be-read list.



Witch’s Dawn by Crystal Ash

A reverse harem for Hufflepuffs? You can’t lie to us, we know you have a naughty side. But in case you have dropped your cinammon roll reading this, let me reassure you: this isn’t a hugely sex-oriented book. This book is more about the character development and inner struggles of the main character. PLUS the discovery and development of her magical, witchy powers.

This is the story of self-discovery by a character who struggles with the conflict of her birthright and her Christian upbringing by her adopted parents. In any event, she is a cinnamon roll, just like a Hufflepuff.

Find the full book review here!

Amazon link is a-right here.



The Year of Four by Nya Jade

Phoebe Pope is definitely a Huffpuff. A bad-ass Hufflepuff. Dedicated to her friends and not sinking to catty behaviour regardless of the situation, she is cool as a cucumber and knows her priorities.

A student at a magical school for shape-shifters, she trains to become a member of magical spy organisation that fights the continuous onslaught of their enemies, the dastardly Vigos.

After the disappearance of a few other half-human, half-shifter friends, she is determined to discover the mole in the school who is feeding information to the Vigos.

This is another book with great strength of character and friendship at its core, and we all know how important these are to our friendly neighbourhood Hufflepuffs.

Find the full book review here!

Amazon link is a-right here.



Huntress by Julie Hall

OK, confession time. The running theme with these books are sincerity and character development without all the pointless drama. Huntress has all of this.

Arriving in heaven, Audrey has no memory of her life and is thrust into the duties of defending heaven against the threat of demons. That’s going to take some serious adapting power.

Having her faith tested while learning to battle the forces of evil, all without her memories and she still keeps her cool and persists. Action, romance and some really wholesome, lovable characters, this book is perfect for a Hufflepuff bookworm.

Find the full book review here!

Amazon link is a-right here.


Hufflepuffs, you are going to love these books. They make you feel things, but by the end you will still feel warm and fuzzy (and ready to sleep in that four-poster bed in your Hogwarts dormitory). Enjoy!


Thanks for reading!

If you’re a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw who want some book recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Slytherins, you’re good sports, yours are coming next week!


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