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The Post-Release Chill

In case I haven’t yelled about it enough (I’m positive I have, but never mind), my new book Vox Saeth: The Voice of Seven hit the shelves yesterday and I’m ecstatic! (FYI you can totally buy it here – it’s on Kindle Unlimited too!)

Launching a book eats up your days so I haven’t had too much time to watch TV. But, I did manage to squeeze in the last few episodes of The Umbrella Academy. Man, that series is ace.

I’ve got this huge urge to give Luther a gigantic hug since halfway through the season. He’s the eldest, he suffered a deformity as a young man and learned a shocking secret about the relationship with his father. Which sends him off the rails completely. Poor Luther. Puts his heart and soul into everything and still gets railroaded.

I’ve fallen a little behind on reading this week because of work and the release, but we’ve got to make time for our books, right? So, I’m going to hit the red button on my remote and open up my Kindle a little more this week and get some serious reading done. It’ll make sure my eyes don’t go square, after all.

Happy reading, witches x

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