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Dreamwalker by Andrea Heltsley #BookReview


“Noel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job, and her dignity all in one week. Suddenly hunted by a mysterious league of immortals, Noel must rediscover her forgotten past while uncovering the truth behind two men who battle for her heart, both in dreams and in reality.

She slowly unravels a world filled with creatures she once thought to be myth and dangers that threaten her very soul. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love?”



Uh oh, why the DNF?

I really tried to finish this book, I really did. I wanted to stop at 30% but ended up stopping at 50%. Here are the cliff notes on why this book was so bad:

  • The protagonist has no character. Other than getting upset about her boyfriend dumping her (who she then quickly forgets after meeting a new hot guy in her dreams), and getting hot over two new hunks, she feels and thinks very little. She is taken along for the ride by all the other characters.
  • The story is confusing and scattered. A lot of the first half of the book is the main character falling asleep a lot and dreaming about the hot guy and also a lot of obscure dreamlike things that have nothing to do with the story. After the introduction of more supernatural people to the story, it branches off onto so many strange tangents that make no sense.
  • There’s a lot of pointless filler. The book gives us a play-by-play of jogging, shopping etc. sparing no details, and none of it is important to the story.
  • The protagonist is special but nobody knows why. The main character has been protected by her best friend and sister for a long time for having a special ability, but it isn’t clear what it is, how it is different from the other supernatural people in this book or why the bad guys are after it. It’s written as if we should know, and that we should recognise its importance, but the story just isn’t developed enough.


I’m gutted to report my first DNF, but definitely wouldn’t recommend this book. The premise looked fantastic and the cover was amazing, so I really hoped it would be a good read.

But each to their own and if you want to check this one out, here it is.

Thanks for reading my review!




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