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3 Kick-Ass Reads for Slytherins

When they’re not plotting world domination, Slytherins like to read, too. Just kidding Slytherins, we know you’re all right. But we can’t deny that Slytherins sometimes have a streaks a little darker than others. Whether it be black humour or just watching murdering documentaries (and making notes for later.)

Never fear Slytherins, we have a little collection of books that are right up your alley:



Testimony of the Damned by Greylin Reuss

When I first opened this book, I had no idea how dark it would be. Following the protagonist, Abraxus Shepherd, a well-established demon up to lead his own demonic legion, it’s a sinister book right from the start.

After meeting the angelic Maggie, Brax is determined to corrupt her soul and drag her to hell. Brax mercilessly corrupts the souls of some of the more religious high schoolers he socialises with, and a few bad guys.

But the more time he spends with Maggie, the more he begins to feel again and his evil ways actually begin to feel evil.

Watching the bad guy become good is super satisfying, but the twists and turns in this one, both dark and light, makes this a great read.

Check out The Secret Library book review here!

And how can you check it out without the Amazon link?



Larkspur by V.M. Jaskiernia

Another dark tale, Larkspur features a necromancer who sacrifices his own health to practice this magical art. When his childhood sweetheart returns, he finds himself leaning towards the living rather the mistress of death.

This was a super interesting love triangle and an oddly emotional story-line with some dark undertones. Just like a real-life Slytherin, this book isn’t actually evil, just a little dark.

Check out The Secret Library book review here!

And how can you check it out without the Amazon link?



Hear Me Cry by Amanda J. Evans

This award-winning novella is a haunting tale exploring the origins of the Irish myth of the banshee. This story is less dark than it is haunting, and will have you feeling the effects well after you’ve finished.

After accidentally falling in love with a human, Isla, a fae, used to defending the faerie realm, is on the run from her own people. As Isla and her lover settle down to their blissful life together, their pursuers are determined to destroy everything they hold dear.

This story has won awards for a darn good reason, it’s so well written with so many feels. Everyone will enjoy this one, but maybe especially Slytherins.

Check out The Secret Library book review here!

And how can you check it out without the Amazon link?


Thank you for being so patient my Slytherin friends, we are now at the end of the Hogwarts House Book Recommendation segment. I hope you’ve all found a few books to fall in love with.

Gryffindors, find your recommendations here. Ravenclaws, here and Hufflepuffs here!


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