Children of Dionysus #BookReview


“A vicious and brutal attack leads Anthony, an ordinary man into a parallel world of darkness, sin and malevolence.

Leaving his mortal life behind he struggles to maintain his existence, which leads him into a battle of his fading human conscience. “Were these dark, wicked fantasies always in my heart, buried deep. Or have they arisen from my vampire soul?” Anthony finds himself alone and lost in a cold dark paranormal existence until he is found by the charismatic Nathaniel, who offers to be his guide in this new realm.

Nathaniel shows Anthony another way to co-exist in the normal world. A way that doesn’t involve the taking of human lives. He introduces Anthony to his menage, Josephine and Tom.

Anthony willingly allows Tom, an alpha, and Josephine to take him on a journey of debauchery, violence and blood lust. Rumors spread about the Elite taking immortals to use for their cruel experiments, a war is raging and the lower orders of vampires are disappearing without a trace.

And so Anthony’s journey into the unknown really begins…”


forty years ofmagnificence


Two stars


Who’s driving this thing?

That’s a pretty good question. To start with, I thought it was Anthony, the once normal guy now recently turned vampire. But as the book wore on, so many other characters had chapters dedicated to their points of view that Anthony all but disappeared.

Anthony goes with the flow. Vampire blood-fest and non-stop orgies? He’s in. Vampire war fighting alongside the “Elite” to capture and kill other vampires? Sure, why not? His morals are sound and clear cut in the beginning: no socialising with anyone from his human life for fear of hurting them, including his love, Rachel. But as the book wears on, Anthony doesn’t really need a reason to do anything, he just does as he’s told and doesn’t have an opinion of what’s going on.


What’s this all about?

Anthony doesn’t know what to do in his new vampire life so looks to other vampires to guide him. After going on a blood rampage/blood orgy spree with two other vampires, Tom and Josephine, he meets a whole host of vampires in quick succession who all turn out to be either a member of the Elite or the resistance.

The Elite are vampires trying to wipe their bloodthirsty brothers and sisters from the earth while the resistance are determined to stop them from wiping out vampires completely. As Anthony gets bounced from pillar to post, he finds himself playing both sides while trying to return to the love of his life, Rachel.




Why the two stars?

Unfortunately, this book was super confusing. When it got down to the war between the Elites and the resistance, everything was a mess. Anthony is tortured by the Elites but then joins them, no hard feelings or anything. Then Tom and Josephine join them but they’re actually working for the resistance, but the Elites are so trusting that they let them fight for them immediately. Similarly, the resistance are so trusting that they let Anthony and vampire-prodigy Jamie act as double agents immediately.

Anthony’s loyalties are difficult to understand because he doesn’t seem to have any. So, it’s impossible to really know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. The only thing we do know is that he loves Rachel, but after she becomes a vampire, for reasons which are not even a little bit explained, she follows her maker around and forgets all about Anthony.

The hardest bit to swallow was the narration. Ever hear of the “show vs. tell” dilemma? Well this book is all tell, no show. It almost feels like the narrator is a bored bystander rather than someone who is actually living the situation.


Are there any good bits?

It starts out good, for sure. The distance between Anthony and the events of how he was turned reads like he is reminiscing about how he was turned and the effect it had on his life. But as the story progresses, this technique really doesn’t work. I couldn’t get immersed in the story because there was no flavour.


Should I get it?

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this one. But if you do fancy checking it out, here’s the Amazon link.


Thanks for reading my review. Drop me a comment and let’s talk magic!


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