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Watching Magic Movies From Behind My Laptop Screen

As ever, this week has not gone to plan. Instead of TV, I’ve been watching magic movies and came across this absolute gem: See You Yesterday.

You guessed it, it’s a time travel movie which actually borders more on the sci-fi than the magical BUT this is an awesome film. We have a mostly black cast, with the exception of a COOL-AS cameo from Michael J. Fox – yes, THE Marty McFly – featuring C.J., a genius teenage girl who wants to invent time travel to get a free ride to college.

When she and her best friend actually manage to travel back in time, their actions change the past on a minor scale. But when they return, C.J.’s brother is killed by police mistaking him for thief, and she is determined to go back in time to save him. The thing is, it’s never that simple. The more C.J. goes back to change, the more people in her life are at risk and she stands to lose much more.

I loved this movie for so many reasons. Firstly, diversity. This isn’t just a film about black people living American lives, it incorporates so much Carribean culture and it really feels as though representation has taken another good stride in the right direction.

Secondly, C.J. is an amazing female lead. Props to the actress who played her, she is sassy, super-smart and brave to boot, even if she does make some pretty big mistakes.

Thirdly, time travel! That one speaks for itself. The shenanigans and the stakes are entertaining and nail-biting.

I watched See You Yesterday in between writing spurts for Scorpio’s Grace and with the entire plan for draft two and all the detailed character profiles finished, we are ready to rock for the next stage of this book.

Seen any See You Yesterday movies lately? Let me know, I’m so into the time-travel genre right now. Similarly, if you’re into the genre, I really recommend See You Yesterday which if I remember correctly, is on Netflix right now.

Thanks for reading!

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